Monday, January 23, 2012

Why I love the Blogoverse (part 3)

 III. Gratis Icons of Glory

Here’s a brief paraphrase/recapitulation of the kind of email one simply adores [My first ever "snowmobile"(?) comments inserted for editorial and dramatic purposes]. I submit it here as the perfect example of the raw talent and brilliant kindness that pervades our modest hobby community. To me, the following letter represents the very, very best of what we have built and participate in daily:

“Hello. My name is ______ [name withheld to protect the glorious,  but whom I immediately recognize as a tremendously talented, Golden Daemon winning artist]. A mutual friend mentioned that you might need some tokens for AdeptiCon to help you with your games [thank you, mutual friend. thank you], in which I participated last year and in which I will participate again this year [zomg –your special operations group last year was stunning!]. Anyway, I made these a while back and thought you could use them [coffee spit across the keyboard]. Let me know if you are interested.”

[I am interested. We are interested. Killzone is interested.]

Here’s the crux. I have only shown you one-quarter of what is in store -no exaggeration. None.

There are three more variations on this theme and, collectively, these will comprise the various game-relevant and other sundry objective markers for the Special Operations Killzone events during the AdeptiCon weekend. 

I mean, seriously, how effing cool is that?


Dai said...

That is a thing of beauty. Show us the rest!

Lantz Witha Z said...


Son of Dorn said...

Does this have any relevance to the Killzone token's you're sending out? Resin casts of something like that would be amazing!

The Angry Lurker said...


Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

I know what they are!


Admiral Drax said...


I simply love the almost random acts of kindness I've received (and been able to extend) through the blogosphere!

Son of Dorn said...

You taunt me Skarvald.

Brian said...

@ Deadestdai. I absolutely will. I promise... but not yet.

@ Lantz. There are ways.

@ Son of Dorn. Well, yes and no. I won't be sending these tokens exactly, there are others in the works, but these are certainly relevant to Killzone at AdeptiCon.

@ Skarvald. Indeed.

@ Admiral Drax. Agreed. It gives me hope in troubled times.

@ SoD. haha. More soon.

Son of Dorn said...

Cool. I'll be looking out for when you can reveal more. The one on here looks fantastic. :)