Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why I love the Blogoverse (part 4)

IV. That Guy James.

That Guy James. He is a quasi-mythical figure in my zodiac.




He recently posted a “clean slate challenge” that has me seriously (re-)considering those embarrassing masses of half-finished, half-started, un-started, untouched, and otherwise neglected figures that I have lingering in the margins of my hobby space.

I like to think that I have, or at least once had, a reasonable rate of output, but one glance under the sofa and...

And then we have these gems. This is an exemplary monstration on how one writes a rant. Or here. Exemplary. I say exemplary because these commentaries are written without the bile, malice, or smug self-righteousness one usually expects in a "rant," but rather these appear from a place of genuine consideration, sense, and even affection for the material at stake. How refreshing.

Once articulated, I can see nothing else, yet before I’d never been able to place my finger on it. Both of these had me in near hysterics.

And then there’s this. James, yes that one, has designed the newest (and one hopes final) iteration of the Killzone cards. There’s more to show than what you get here, but this should communicate the fundamental idea. What’s important here is the wonderful combination of talent, enthusiasm, talent, and a decent measure of OSR congeniality.
I should also mention now that these will soon be available to you, the enthusiastic public, in at least two basic forms: the standard 36 card deck (includes 18 Mission cards and 12 Fate cards, with blank options for each), and the expanded 54 card deck (includes expanded Mission cards with alternate deployments and night fight options, and more…) in good time, in good time.

The new system involves three different levels of mission, each of which is immediately identifiable in this system, and otherwise designed to pull your modest resources in extraordinarily challenging ways. Good luck, troops.
But this post is about James and his amazing contributions. 

I admit it. 

I am hopelessly biased here, but I believe that Killzone is quite good. With James, it is bloody amazing. Talent. 


Thatguyjames said...

*Hands pressed together at the palms; a small bow* An honor to be of service good sir.

Porky said...

Those cards really are glorious, worthy of any major publisher. It's 40K, but with it's own cleaner, more contemporary spin. There's love in there for sure.

Julian said...

The cards are absolutely awesome. Is there any way to get the psd or ai files? I would like to translate the cards to my language, because not everyone in my area speaks English.

Thanks in advance.

Mark said...

Those Killzone cars are fan-freaking-tastic. Now if only I could find someone willing to play a game smaller than 2k points....

J.R. Vosovic said...

I was following KZ for a while, where did these cards come from? They are fantastic.

Brian said...

@ James. The honor is mine.

@ Porky. Indeed. There is a strong element of love. We are fortunate to have James fighting for the forces of good and reason.

@ Julian. Good question. I will see what I can do for you. The cards in English will be available for purchase soon, if you are interested otherwise. If not, perhaps you can send me the translation?

@ #2501. ouch. I'm not sure. Perhaps you could fold these into a larger game? I'd be curious to hear how that works.

@ M3M. These are brand new. The basic text/card is available for free, but these fancy and colorful versions will be available for order soon.