Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why I love the Blogoverse (part 5)

V. Pirate Zombie hookers.

These specific Zombies Pirates were spawned during a startup project from Warploque Miniatures (you can find the zombies themselves here).

While coasting one morning through a stream of links, I stumbled over these quite by accident (genuinely, that’s not a figure of speech in this instance), purchased them purely “for the love,” and then felt really good about myself for supporting a smaller, independent talent of broad promise and determined swagger. Such is the power and the glory of post-rationalization.

But I must ask you… which is more alarming:

- that Tesco’s own brand makes “medium coarse” pate’ (or pate’ of any stripe and coarseness, really) ….

- or that these poor zombie pirates crossed the Atlantic in such a… particular… vessel. She’s no Black Pearl, or Bloody Reaver, or insertpiratenamehere. Pate’. I love it. I think the “sell by” date has gone off, surely. Flavorful. Alarming. Perhaps even dangerous. Good with claret. Everything a pirate should be. Or is it the other way round?  Should the pate’ have the skull and crossbones emblem instead?

But nevermind all that. I have included my favorite three here (out of 10+) because these specific models call me back to the frothy and turbulent days when I first ventured into this fine hobby. Back then, it was pure viscera first/always, and then the practical gaming considerations arrived as an afterthought sometime further down the creative process, if at all.

And here I must confess that, while I absolutely intend to paint these scurrvied mongrels (and soon!), I have neither need nor use for them. I don’t intend to press them into Fantasy service (a game that I have regrettably yet to play in its current iteration. Alas). I am not even currently aware of any games at all that require piratical undead. Full stop.  

Quite the opposite in fact. Captain Fellbeard and co. have me looking for a nautical-fantasy-ish-skirmish ruleset for which I might press them into service. That is how strong my connection to these models has become already.

No. I haven’t found that game yet either, [or have I?] which makes me think that I should invent one (though that’s not going to happen this year).  Still, a man can dream, and that is precisely the hook (get it? no? see the title) with these beautiful and dreadful zombie pirates. They are all inspiration and intrigue without proscription or logic or reason or any of the rest of the ways I might justify a purchase like this to myself. All impulse. All simple, unfiltered glory of modeling and painting.

[note: I typed this previous paragraph a day or two ago full of steam and inspiration, with the thought that I (yes, me) might someday pen a game or mechanism or, most likely, derivative sub-mechanism borderline of trespass… you get the picture. And then I found this on Frontline Gamer. HA! I sometimes feel that I need merely ask the internet for any whimsy and it responds with both good taste and manners. I don’t know anything about Freebooters Fate really, but I’m interested. Oh how I am interested. And how could I not fold that information into this post? The Glory of the internet. Behold. This is why I adore thee so.]

Truly we are in a golden age of hobby glory. 

All this is to say that you will be seeing much more of these bad boys soon.


Son of Dorn said...

Aww. No hookers. :(

Blitzspear said...

I expect them all painted up by September 19th (international talk like a pirate day) Warploque was a poster over at Mini Sculpture forum for a while and nice to see his work and unusual forms of transatlantic postal packaging lol.

Niels P said...

Those are some nice undead Pirats..
I bought the Freebooter rulebook but havnt had the time to try it out...

But have a look at the pirat game from black scorpion...
Their game is called Cutlass..I also bought that book, and havnt played that either...


Think that the guys on Beast of War have play tested both games.

Also...The black scorpion minis are Awesome :D
Got me a Dwarf Pirat crew...
Look at those small buggers with hats ^^

Brian said...

@ Son of D. Apologies.

@ Blitzspear. I need to write that down. There must be a pirate post on that day.

@ Niels. Brilliant recommendation for another manufacturer I'd not seen before. Thank you very much (I ordered the rules this week). Thank you again.

Cameron said...

These minis are fantastic. Would make a great mordheim warband.