Thursday, February 9, 2012

For the Love: Fantasy

The last post put me in the mood of reflection. While I try not to wallow in too much whimsy, too much nostalgia… I find myself doing exactly that in these posts more often than I might like to think. A keen reader might also note that these moments of reflectivity tend to walk in step with those times when I either cannot speak about current hobby projects, or when I have nothing real to offer on the hobby front (consider the heady and exhaustive nostalgia trip, for example, that immediately followed the birth of baby-number-two).

Thankfully, this case is more the former than the latter. In fact, I have far too much on my plate at the moment, far too much (see bottom).

These three gems represent some of my absolute favorites from a bygone hobby era. The Viking is a very old GW model that I once dreamed of using as a Chaos Marauder many, many moons ago, but who has landed in obscurity instead. 

Alas. It is an inglorious fate for an otherwise tremendous old codger model.  

I mentioned last post that you can often spot the era of my old minis purely by the basing and, in this case, you might remember a time when Marauder bases were slightly larger than the ones we find on mere mortals these days. Moreover, I hiked him up on this platform to accommodate his slightly diminutive scale –odd for certain.

The Elves are of the wood variety, but not that you would notice. Also OOOOP, these fellows were painted in days of yore to mimic the primary color bonanza that was mercilessly splattered on poor Teclis. I have never been certain why Teclis would be mingling with his under-civilized cousins, but one should never let these details get in the way. 
I was initially attracted to these models for the delicate simplicity of their pose, and that they are unique while clearly molded from the same foundational design. That is both clever and strong enough to carry the model despite the shortcut that might in other instances vex me considerably. In fact, I find the shortcut quite charming from this distance. 

In all, I miss these Bowiesque Elves and their Ziggy Stardust counterparts. I might be more interested in the GW elves if they maintained a bit more of this quirk, but I am merciful that they are not. The last thing I need is more projects...  

More on that come Saturday.


Lord Siwoc said...

I have those two elves...Some where in a dark dungeon! Was in a blister in one of the first I actually bought.

Broke N English said...

Beautiful they are! Also hands down two of the best ranges GW ever did, thanks for these :)

Big Jim said...

What a Glorious post! I happen to have all three of those gems in my collection. I just recently got the bug to bust out my almost all lead Dwarf army and play a few games of Fantasy. It's been pretty fun!

Brian said...

@ Lord Siwoc. Kindred spirits.

@ Broke N English. Solidarity. Thank you.

@ Big Jim. Love to hear about that fantasy business. I have yet to play an actual game of 6th, though I'd like to dearly.

Big Jim said...

I will post some stuff about fantasy in the coming weeks on GiF, as I will be changing the theme of the blog to a generalist gaming one. I just cannot manage having 4 blogs, TCP and a Podcast at the same time.