Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SO:KZ team Armored Might Wolves

The keen and studious might have seen these fine and nefarious fellows slip into the last post, in which I described the thinking behind themes like Armored Might, etc. Ho!

Last weekend, I met up with Frozencore Joe for some fieldwork on the 10 Killzone tables (yes, ten) that will be appearing at AdpetiCon come April. We have a lot of work to do yet, but progress is as progress does, and we felt it would be rude not to reward ourselves with a game or two of Killzone itself.

And so we did.

I will post more on that soon; however, with the finished (they are never, ever finished –but we will call them that until I can find time/gumption to address the remaining touchups and issues with these) models having already snuck onto the blog, it would be rude not to include a bit more thorough look. 

And besides, HOTPanda asked for a better peek at the bases. Ask and ye shall receive.

In fact, I will be making something of a “step by step” as I complete the last Lone Wolf model for this team. He has already been assembled from a wide assortment of parts, and awaits attention with decent measures of patience and manners -rare qualities indeed. 

A word or two on battle damage. I love battle damage. Funnily enough, Joe does not, and I suspect he was secretly pleased to give these guys the whatfor this weekend. For me, painting battle damage scratches two figurative itches with one fat finger.

First, the damage creates the characterful personality of these models –one which suggests this Special Operations team’s extended time in the field on mission after mission after insidious mission. As mentioned, I imagine these guys as “on loan” to the Inquisition or Knights or whomever for murky, ruthless purposes.

Second, the rough-and-tumble painting is quick and hides any number of painting sins. If I am not happy with a brushmark or blend here or there… dab dab dab, and rust/scored paint makes accident look deliberate. We should not forget that the secret theme of this team is “a virtue of necessity.” And so it is. This crowd was quick and pleasing to paint and look reasonably well on the tabletop, if I may say so.

Oh, and here is a better look the ice-encased bone and snow effect that I attempted on the bases -which, I might add, are rather disturbing. Well played, Secret Weapon

I feel obligated to mention that I am not pleased with GW’s snow effort (which seems really to be just white static grass?), but more fool me for using a product without testing the effect first. I rushed it, and I know better –tsk tsk. When I revisit the snow technique for the Lone Wolf, I intend to also revisit these bases… 

p.s. Vlad, I have yet to tick a single box on the achievements list. 
...more on that soon.  


Son of Dorn said...

I love the look of those. The yellow really 'pops' though as you know, I'm a sucker for the color. :)

Cameron said...

I think they look fantastic. I really like the darker grey with a hint of blue that you have used as the base colour. The yellow highlights really stand out and look sharp. I really like the looks of this force. I think battle damage really adds to the character of models. Totally clean models look a bit funny to me. You models actually make me secretly want to collect some space wolves. Ahhhhhh!

PS-Any chance of getting my blog ( added to your blog rolls? I have added a gentlemans ones as you have so much great content on here. The blog rolls are really getting thin with SCW and FTW no longer hosting their extensive blog rolls...

Porky said...

I love the look too. They feel more unique and weightier than the kits seem usually to allow, and I'm putting that down to your attention to detail and the dark depth of the painting. Glorious for sure.

Mark said...

I love the weathering and rust spots on the armor. Keep up the good work!

Dark Mechanicum said...

What technique are you using to apply the weathering? I have a lovely clean Tau force and i'm thinking of including some dirty 'orrible models to represent a Tau Mission Group (The Tau version of a Kill Team, or so the codex says)

Anonymous said...

If you haven't tried baking soda snow, (elmers, water, soda,) give it a shot. I love mine. It's not bombproof, but as far as realism, it's as good as it gets.

HOTpanda said...

I think I spotted a future incarnation of myself frozen under one of your bases. GASP!!! The bases are unreal and they blow my mind away. I think that future Panda I was talking about got a little too close checking them out.

The paint scheme you have chosen freezes my eyes in awe. The greyish blue that you choose , with the rusted battle damage, popping yellows and white create a paint scheme that draws me into the model.

As for the snow I think you achieved the effects of drifting fluffy snow. They look fantastic and I wouldn't change a thing.

Cheers for the images and thanks for the hyperlink. You are legend of iconic proportions.

Brian said...

@ Son of Dorn. Yellow indeed. Wait to you see my "grey" knights.

@ Cameron. You are up and up. I thought I had done this previously. Apologies. Well. You are up now.

@ Porky. Thank you, but it's the camera. I'm told it adds ten pounds. :)

@ #2501. Cheers mate. it means a lot coming from a master of all metallic technique.

@ Dark Mechanicum. With these guys, I used a small sponge (from packing foam) to dab first Scorched with a bit of Dark Flesh, then mithril (but darkened slightly), then I spot-washed all those bits with a combination of green ink, purple ink, and a bit of weathering powder mixed in. It's an odd recipe, I know. I'll make a step-by-step so you can get a better picture when I do the Lone Wolf for this team. Thanks for asking.

@ Anon. Baking Soda! and there it is.

@ HotPanda. Beware future Panda. Thanks for the kind words. As mentioned, I'll be working these out in greater detail for the Lone Wolf and hope to post a bit on the process itself. Cheers, as ever, for your support.

psychobob808 said...

They looks amazing!

big_d said...

Sharp looking model. The base really works with the paint scheme.

As someone above said try using baking soda next time. Once you figure out the correct mixture it is gold. Just play around with it a bit on some junk bases to find what works for you.

Brian said...

@ Psychobob. Thank you.

@ Big D. Baking soda it is! By the way, what's the difference between baking soda and baking powder? anyone?

fullborer said...

I agree with the other comments on how good these look. I was never overly fond of the stock GW blue-gray Space Wolf color; this darker incarnation is a significant chromatic improvement IMO, and more sinister-looking to boot.

looking forward to the re-worked snow effect too - that has always stymied me but I agree that white static grass isn't going to cut it.

Brian said...

@ Fullborer. Great minds, eh. I was always slightly put off by that "too soft" bluegrey trademark of the Wolves -despite that I really like their vikings-in-spaaace mythology. Sinister, and maybe even menacing, was exactly my hope.

Paul O'G said...

Fantastic Models - I really love the gritty look and the basing is wonderful!

Brian said...

@ Paul. Cheers.