Saturday, February 11, 2012

WIP: a virtue

Once upon a time, I posted a WIP update every Sunday here on the Ones. Admittedly, I was rather green and rather fresh out the blogging box back then. I also only had one baby to mind in those days –they do take the hours out of a day. In sum, I had a lot more work to show on a weekly basis than I do now.

More than anything, however, I must have made a mental shift somewhere along the line and only just realized in these last few weeks: somehow I started to think a bit too much about the posts on this site. I convinced myself that I should only really show my completed or very nearly completed (though not necessarily best) work. That is a mistake, I believe in retrospect, not only because it limits what I can post, but also because it suggests that this is all something akin to serious.  

So here is the first of a new regular series of posts about my work in progress, much of it crude, sloppy, hasty, and otherwise representative of the crunch my hobby feels these days. But that is the simple beauty of this grand experiment.

These Space Wolfish Terminators are part of an “armored might” themed Special Operations team. As participants in this theme, they must all have a 2+ save …which is Killzone’s clever way of hamstringing abuses while still leaving the door wide open for players that like a good theme.

I like a good theme.

I have only fought once with this list before, and lost on missions to FrozenJoe’s formidable Dark Eldar list. Still, I had enough fun that I wanted to take a genuine bash and model up the force properly …for the sport of it if nothing else.

A Virtue of Necessity:

One thing. I was absolutely not about to spend another penny for this team. Not one.

And so, as one does, I worked with reasonable diligence to make a virtue of necessity. You will have noticed by now the generous dashes of Grey Knight (and other non-wolf) material mixed in with these hardened killers. They are a desperate kit bash. I did not have enough Grey Knight pieces to make more than one proper from head to toe, and the same could be said for these Wolves.

Theme to the rescue.

As I built these, I imagined that this particular Special Operations team had been “loaned out,” as such, to the Inquisition, or an elite branch of the Grey Knights, or whatevs. They have access, then, to some of this wargear and their Sergeant looks decidedly more Inquisitor than wolf, though not entirely so. In all, I picture them as not-so-distant cousins to the brutes that chopped up the Thousand Sons way back in the distant future.

I have one more model to make here, a lone wolf, with two fenrisian sidekicks, but I am very nearly out of wolf gear –so grey knight and chaos bits perhaps?

We shall see.

The bases are from Secret Weapon, and I intend to make some kind of frozen tundra ice flow theme to the base of trodden unfortunates.


Son of Dorn said...

As someone who rarely has the time/inclination to paint, I think they look great! :D Can't wait to see them further along as you update us.

40kaddict said...

I know what you mean about showcasing finished work. I think this is in part because if you're working on something over a few nights and taking pics of each nights progress it eventually feels like you're just saying "look at what I've done, look at what I've done, look at what I've done!" As if that wasn't the fundamental purpose of a hobby blog afterall.

It's a momentary fear of being egotistical and self important, it'll pass ha, ha! It does with me, I then remember the blog is about content, sharing techniques and the effort in completing your chosen piece. Waiting until the ned can often mean you have actually nothing to show until it's complete, how dull would the blog be then?

HOTpanda said...

Love the back ground you conjured up with your vivid imagination. More so I love the way you painted the bases and am wondering how you did them? Same recipe you posted on stone and bones? Or something new perhaps? If you would like some Space Wolves bits I have a box full that I could give you? Just let me know and I will mail you a wolf-day gift.

Hoodling said...

I figure I'm really just updating people with where I am up to, rather than showing off what I have done. If I was just talking to a friend and they knew I was working on something, they would ask how I was going - where I was up to. The blog serves this purpose at least as well as showing off the finished work.

HOTpanda said...

A vitreous theme and some cleaver kit bashing has landed your roller derby team of Terminators a place in this week's Sunday Best. Congrats and thanks for sharing not only the models but your thought process on them.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

I got to see them Terminators in person last week (?) and they look pretty nifty, though I just had to voice my disapproval as a hard-core Space Wolves player when I saw the Grey Knights (!?!?!?!!) bitz on 'em. Brian, I have a gazillion and a half Space Wolves thingamajiggers AND thingamabobbers - all you had to do was askm, buddy! :)

Brian said...

@ Son of Dorn. Thank you, my good man.

@ dwez. You have nailed it on the head and said in just a few sentences what I would have liked to in this entire post.

@ HotPanda. Thank you, and good question. It is mostly the bone recipe I painted before, but I went a little further with the bleached bone than I normally would, in part because some of this is going to be covered... more on that soon.

@ Hoodling. A very, very good point.

@ Skarvald. You don't say... I still have that Lone Wolf to model and I may very well have to call upon your services. Thank you kindly.

@ Panda part two. You are too kind to me. Too kind by far.