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If you have been following the series of Special Operations: Killzone post, you will know that this seems a perfect opportunity to pause for a moment and to offer the chance to participate in and directly contribute to our efforts to achieve pure Special Operations: Killzone glory.

Indeed. These fine Tokens and extraordinary Cards are now officially within your grasp ....and for a good cause too!

Absolutely all proceeds from these sales will be used to offset the cost of building ten  (that is correct, ten) 3’x3’ tables for the events over the AdeptiCon 2012 weekend. To you and me, that is 90-square-feet of custom made, custom painted, custom glorified tabletop mayhem. Last year was brilliant, but this year we are raising the bar considerably. The tables will not only look better, smell better, feel better, taste better, but also play better as well. That’s not hyperbole. We have already spent months researching, modeling, sketching, debating, re-modeling, and generally working with dangerous machinery to make sure that the tables are peerless at any event you are likely (or unlikely) to attend. The tables are going to be something really quite extraordinary.

But that’s not cheap.

So, you can help us achieve this noteworthy goal by ordering one or more of these tremendous custom gaming aids, designed to make your SO:KZ experience rich in vitamin Glory. You will not only be contributing to one of the year’s more ambitious hobby-gaming events, but also be reaping tremendous value for your own gaming pleasure.


The tokens and the cards have brought an immeasurably cool dynamic to our Special Operations: Killzone games. From the outset, our goal was to produce something rather unique and ambitiously professional to the table with this endeavor. From the rules, to the treatment of the codex, to the AdeptiCon events themselves, we have worked incredibly hard to ensure that the product was aesthetically and substantially top tier material. Both the Tokens and the Cards are indicative of that level of commitment. Full stop. They are beautiful. And fun. 

And now we can share it all with you, all of you …though it merits mention that you need not actually own or use these tokens nor these cards for Killzone if you don’t want. For my part, I am quite simply addicted, and finding all manner of useful purposes for them. The tokens have, for example, featured handily in my first round of Combat Patrol test games. For his part Big Jim, with the smallest adjustment, piggy-backed the card into the narrative games he ran at the Bay Area Open. Spectacular. Put simply, the tokens and the cards are cool enough to sustain just about any kind of purpose or treatment you would like to give them.

I’m running out of superlatives.

Here’s what you can get…

OPTION A - The Basic Token Set: $10.00
5 Overwatch tokens (with reversible target marker on the back) +
3 Objective Markers, numbered 1-3. In SO: Killzone these are arranged face down and only revealed when contacted by one of your agents. Only then will you know for certain if you have located the Intelligence Cache or the secreted Munitions.

OPTION B - The Full Token Set: $12.50
5 Overwatch tokens (with reversible target marker on the back) +
3 Objective Markers, numbered 1-3 (as above) +
3 Markers, each of which features an image that mirrors the “suits” we have created for the SO: Killzone decks. Extremely cool.


OPTION C - The Basic Card Set: $15.00 
36-card deck + custom Tuckbox: this set includes all of the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Mission cards, all of the Fate cards, as well as several blank cards for you to design your own version for any of the above. Each Mission card includes a full description of the mission parameters and deployment. Moreover, the Fate set includes two bonus results not included in the rulebook.

OPTION D - The Full Operative Set = $17.50
54-card deck + custom Tuckbox: this set has it all. All the Primary Mission Cards appear in triplicate, but with each card offering an alternating deployment for that mission as well as a special card representative of the Night Fight dynamic (who says Special Operations should happen in broad daylight?). Likewise, the Secondary and Tertiary Missions repeat, so that players might conceivably (and unknown to the opponent) draw the same Secondary or Tertiary Mission (tremendous fun). Finally, the Fate set includes two bonus results not included in the rulebook. With this set, you are covered.


OPTION E - Standard Issue: Basic Token and Card sets (A+C) = $22.50

OPTION F - The Full Monty: Full Token and Operative Card sets (B+D) = $27.50

Please include $5 shipping for all orders in the US (lower 48), and $10 shipping for all orders outside the US. This additional cost only needs to be added once per order no matter how many items you order (if you would like to place a combined order with a friend, for example).  

At this time, I am only able to accept PayPal to the following address: gentlemanones (at) g mail (dot) com.

Get yours now. Thank you in advance for your support!

Stay frosty.

And for those keeping score at home, or otherwise in need of an ACE of a designer, both the Token and the Card imagery was created by the extraordinarily talented hands of That Guy James. Behold! 


Mark said...

You, sir, shall have my money.

muggins said...

Looks awesome! I'll have to get a set of these.

Hate to be that guy, but I think Tertiary is spelled wrong on one of the cards shown.

Overall a great product that will help Killzone get more publicity!

Brian said...

@ #2501. Good man. Thank you very much.

@ Michael. Ha! Great eye. Thankfully that was from an old "draft" image that I simply recycled. The proper one is up and in place now.

Son of Dorn said...

Those look great! Won't be able to order any until the beginning of next month, but I think I'll pick up a set. Also, I think it's high time we see a Battle Report on here; video or otherwise. Want to see those awesome wolves in action!

And again, where's the subscription option for your comments? Really love the option to do so, and I'm hurting without it.

Enigma Crysis said...

Sweet! Hurry Up and take my money! I guess I'll be putting an order once I get payed tomorrow.

HOTpanda said...

Just slammed down for a FULL MONTY as it's now past MONDAY!!! Cannot wait to get them.

Brian said...

@ Son of Dorn. I will be sure to put aside a set for you. As for the comment situation, I honestly have no idea... is there something I'm missing?

@ Enigma Crysis. Haha. Thank you very much.

@ HOTpanda. Full Monty indeed! Thank you for your order and for your support.

One and all. Thanks for your interest and support. The orders are coming in at a tremendous clip and the tables are on their way! Thank you again.

BigBadBull said...

I'll be sure to order a deck of "The Full Operative Set" as soon as I get paid in the end of the month.
They look great and will add to the experience of the game.

wright_dm said...

I noticed that the tokens have different colors in different pics. Can we Order 2 sets of tokens & get a different color on each set?

Brian said...

@ Big Bad Bull, Good man. I will put a set aside for you.

@ Wright_dm. Absolutely. Let me know your preference in the order, and I will be certain to get them to you.


HOTpanda said...

The Invisible Man your alter ego was spotted over at The Chaos Manifesto. We are not entirely sure what he was wearing but assume from the way you dress that it was his Sunday Best. Hope you don't mind the shout out but I needed to get the word out there on your extraordinary endevor.

HOTpanda said...
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Brian said...

@ Panda. Thank you. Thank you.

Tristan M said...

I see black, red and white - do we get to pick which colour we want?

They look really nice!

Brian said...

Absolutely. If you have a preference, just let me know in the PayPal message when you order. I will make sure you get the color you would like.

BigBadBull said...

Just put my order in, so get busy shipping it already ;-)

can't wait to get them


Tristan M said...


Niels P said...

OH Nooess...
All Sold out ?
Will you be making more ?
I do hope so :)

Brian said...

@ Neils. Please fire me an email. We are getting some more in stock for a friend that is running a league. I'd be happy to get you in on that.