Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday [...belated]

Once upon a time, I prided myself on punctuality.

yes. well. I am almost always late these days – I am speaking not only of meetings and other worthwhile “important” scheduled events, but also of more modest moments of revelation. Late. Always.

With that in mind it might come as no surprise whatsoever, even though I referenced the moment some time in January, that I woke this morning and found –genuinely only just realized- that A Gentleman’s Ones turned two years old last month

…and I missed it completely.

Happy Birthday, a Gentleman’s Ones! Two years. 350+ posts. I have no idea how that happened.

Caught unprepared as I am, I have little to offer but a shot of my work on the Right and Honorable Referee Pitmann’s newest Daemon Prince –who only just last weekend smashed my fledgling Necrons in a desperately contested match (and putting Pitmann up 2-1 in our series).

For the most part, this monster tours my now rather standard recipes: red, black, gold. As with all my projects, I fear, he is not yet quite completed. In particular, the bone and teeth and claw colors need to be treated to the stone-and-bone recipe, which will likely happen when I find the time after AdeptiCon. Late? What? Early May sounds right on time to me.


Lord Siwoc said...

Congratulations seem to be in order! Two years and still looking good!!!

HOTpanda said...

happy birthday day...hmm i started my original blog, the shadow hive, around the same really dig the skin on the dp.

Brian said...

@ Siwoc. Thank you very much.

@ Panda. Cheers mate.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the belated birthday. May you continue for may years yet.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! That's 1 bad-ass Daemon Prince btw :)

Cameron said...

Great demon prince. The blending on the red really makes this model look sharp. What do you think of this model Brian? It seems like people have pretty mixed opinion on the plastic DP.

Congrats on two years! You have obviously put lots of time into this blog and it shows in the quality of your articles.

Dai said...

A milestone! Congrats sir!

Daemon looks lovely. Have you ever wondered why they gave him toe-talons, wing-talons, but no talons on the end of his fingers?

Arydadan said...

Congrats! I hope A Gentleman's Ones continues to provide great material for many years to come!

Loquacious said...

*swoon* Happy birthday.

Big Jim said...

Congrats on 2 years of blogging Glory!

Awe crap, I just missed my 3rd anniversary of my blog, I guess I will make the 4th one Glorious!


TJ Atwell said...

Happy Birthday!

Sidney Roundwood said...

Two years on....Congratulations! It's been a great journey....and it's only just started! Well done, mate.

Brian said...

One and All: thank you very, very much for your kind words and support. It means more to me than you are likely to realize. Here's to (at least) two more!1!!

@ Cameron. I would give him a B/B+. He seems a little softer than his old metal counterpart, a little cleaner perhaps, and I miss that kind of menace in a Daemon Prince. Still, I positively adore plastic and the conversion potential in this model is staggering.

@ Deadestdai. HA. I never considered it. I suppose the answer must reside in the hand that is holding the axe (not pictured), with which he is giving his opposition the proverbial finger (talon?). ;)

Thank you again, everyone. Too kind. Too kind indeed.