Monday, March 19, 2012

WIP: Lone and Fenrisian Wolf

++but first a friendly reminder. I will be shipping the first massive batch of Killzone Cards and Tokens on March 26. If you want to get yours in the first run, be sure to order sooner rather than later (if not, don’t panic… the second batch will ship April 9). Go ahead. Get yourself some. Proceeds are going to help us build 10 KZ tables of gloriousness++  

I told myself that I would stay away from these new releases. I have plenty on my plate and plenty more to consider –we are, for example, moving house this summer and I need to clear out space rather than clutter it (with 10 3x3 tables for example).

But then there’s that itch –that old, familiar itch: the sneaky release photos, the official promotional photos, more photos. Then the voice: You only need to paint three models. They won’t take too much space. It’s not like you’re starting a new army. You can get them done in no time, so they won’t interfere with all those other projects. You Special Operations team needs these models. Needs.

Killzone always wins –always provides just the right dose of post-rationalization that sees me through those moments when I need to justify a small purchase, or two.

I consider it a small (a very small) moral victory that I manage to restrain myself from the Thunder Wolf models. Perhaps after the move…

Nevermind the psychology of this compulsion/hobby. I was really quite pleased to note that these absolutely beautiful new wolves are mounted on terminator bases, which makes for a lovely consistency to the Special Operations team. I will be documenting the stone-and-bone treatment of the bases as well as my continued experimentation both with resin and with snow effects. The wolves themselves are a treat. I cannot remember a model that went together more easily and/or that looked so wonderfully dynamic.

The Lone Wolf, once more, makes a virtue of necessity and holds (quite obviously and) quite firmly to my notion that the models for this team would be made completely out of spare parts from other kits left floating around my bitz boxes.

As such, he’s a real piece of work –what with the Grey knights pieces alongside Wolf and, gasp, Chaos pieces. He’s a mishmash. But once again, I can rationalize it (getting good at this, really), with a simple flick of the imaginative wrist. In fact, his Lone Wolf status, in my mind, almost demands this kind of treatment.

As I imagine it, the whole team has been loaned out to the Inquisition or somesuch for some sundry and extraordinary task (akin to the “harsh but fair” SW treatment of the 1K Sons). They have been out in the field for an excruciatingly long time, hunting, hunting, maiming, hunting. Slowly but slowly, as they say, the Lone Wolf has accumulated artifacts, armors, and general dispositions not well suited to a life among others. Has the mission consumed him? Can he find release at the hands of his enemies before slipping too far toward heresy, or has that door already closed?

Moreover, as a Lone Wolf, I have opted to give him a color scheme that I am making up on the fly, and which is inverted from his comrades. If you can’t test new recipes on the most important model on your team, who can you test this stuff out on?

oh, right. (splotches will be covered with battle damage, naturally)

Great fun.


HOTpanda said...

Just a splendid model you have created. It captures the feel and essence of the loner that he is. I think the paint scheme you have chosen is slick and pushes the model over the top.

PS - glad to you have stopped using pandas as a means to testing your paints/dyes on.

The Inner Geek said...

Beautiful work. Definitely tells a story just standing there.

Brian said...

@ Panda. Thanks. He's been weathered a bit now, and he's looking rather rogue-ish, if I do say so myself. I'm sure you'll be seeing him here soon.

@ The IG. Great to hear from you again. And thanks for the help with thing and the thing. ;)