Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The games opened in tremendous order. As far as these things go, I would say that the plan came together swimmingly, and I love it when a plan comes together. The players were keen and the tables were minty fresh. In all, the perfect start to an extraordinarily wild day. 

On the hobby front, we sold out of tokens and the 54-card decks immediately and completely. Moreover, we plowed straight through the more modest set, leaving only a few left for the slow and sundry for sunday. Had I known. Had I known. All this is to say that the response and enthusiasm for the event far surpassed my already ambitious expectations. I promised to bring a better game and more lustrous tables, and the Killzone supporters brought their good taste and eager disposition in spades.

As for the games, the inaugural event of the convention put some tremendous matchups to proof… but enough from me. Let’s let the photos do the talking (besides, I’m still utterly exhausted from the weekend). I was so intensely busy on the day that I was unable to cover the armies thoroughly, but still... these should give a decent sense of the carnage and mayhem.

Names of Note from this round:
Most Cinematic: Seth LaClair
Wildest Theme: Colin Graham (och aye tha noo!)
Player’s Choice: Eric Brose
Special Operations Commander: Eric Hagen

Full Borer v Merlin with Dr Gabe and Carl showing how gentlemen square off: "pistols at dawn, sir." 

Chris Borer's 1989 Lamenters were, by all accounts, "old enough to drink."

Carl's Sacrilegious Iron Warrior Horde


classic SW v DA matchup on a Necron Tomb World. Glorious. Poor Eric's DA had a rough go of it.


Son of Dorn said...

Wow. The tables look amazing! Must have been great to see them all in use.

I hope you still have my cards/tokens set aside. And don't forget that email. :)

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Oh, man, those are awesome! :) I took a bunch of 'em as well, but will be posting them in a day or two. Stop by and check out my coverage for Day 1 (Thursday).

P.S: Guiness! :D

Sidney Roundwood said...

Brian, the tables look phenomenal. For a second year running, you've produced something which is not just wonderful but which is energising the hobby community everywhere. I could go on (and on), but I'll just say thank you!

Mohaniker said...

The tables are phenomenal, they add so much character to the game. Keep it up, its really inspirational work!

Stucarius said...

Dude, That table with the Eldar gate and tree stumps is one of the most inspired terrain creations I have seen. I will be recreating it. WOW...Great Work!!!!

nelsonus said...

Unbelievable tables. I would have loved to be there to buy one off you.

I've never taken a look at the rules for Killzone, but you bet your damn pants that I will be making a roster and display board for a team now. Just in case anyone around me wants to play, gotta be ready.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

great looking tables

Rictus said...

It is the prospect of seeing boards of such high quality as these that is seriously tempting me to cross the Atlantic to attend Adepticon next year.

The gaming tables used to be one of the things that made me want to go to GD UK, but they have cut back so much that the quality has seriously dropped. However the quality of Adepticon seems to be going up each year.

Brian said...

@ Dorn. Thank you. Of course. I haven't abandoned you; I'm still only just digging myself out from underneath the work and interpersonal deficit I accumulated these last few weeks.

@ Skarvald. Happy Birthday, you old codger.

@ Sir Roundwood. You likely already know that the trenches were entirely inspired by your own fine work. It is I that must thank you.

@ Mohaniker. Cheers mate.

@ Stucarius. The sincerest form of flattery. Thank you, sir. I look forward to seeing your creations. Let me know if I can help.

@ Nelsonus. I have four of them in my garage still if you'd like to take them off my hands! ha.

@ Captain Richard. Thank you very much.

@ Rictus. I recommend the experience highly. I also recommend that you make a proper holiday of it. Chicago is a tremendous town.

Cheers one and all for the kind words and support.

HOTpanda said...

hold on, almost there...just a couple more seconds...ahhhhhh that feels so much better. Sorry about that but my jaw had dislocated. Now that it is back in place I was hoping you could elaborate on what the winners of best theme had that was so well, "best themed"?