Friday, April 27, 2012


Though not exactly Day of the Living Dead, there were certainly some wounded individuals shambling about the Westin come Sunday morning and early afternoon. The convention had taken its toll from the mortal husks of several thousand gaming enthusiasts, to be sure. Indeed. The energy at the Killzone tables was subdued compared to Friday’s frenzy, but that seemed the perfect pitch to round out a staggering weekend: gentle, cordial, and kind.

In sum, Sunday was a day of hellos and goodbyes. Skarvald said his farewells to the event telephonically, and secreted himself away in sunny Palatine Illinios –never making the event at all, ahem. Still, in his stead Elbrun made a cracking show of it on the day, and I greatly enjoyed talking shop and ideas for Killzone. I also got to meet Adam, the man behind the very, very cool Killzone Rosters. Tall Paul stopped with the Right and Honorable Referee Pitmann in order to have a gander at his handiwork. And Loquacious even popped round with the Dude for a quick chat -two absolutely ace individuals if I may say so. 

One final note: there’s been a wonderful response for the tables (thank you, one and all, for the kind words), and Sunday was a day of “goodbyes” also for seven of that bunch. There are, however, three tables leftover in my garage. They are for sale if anyone is at all interested. Just saying. 

Shorthanded as we were (looking at you, Skarvald), I wasn’t able to take as many pictures for this round, which is certainly an unintended shame. I’m certain by this point, however, that you get the idea. A highlight for me, I must say, that in order to complement the appearance of Gaunt’s Ghosts on Friday, the Last Chancers also deployed on Sunday. One good turn deserves another.

Names of Note from this round:
Most Cinematic: John Stentz
Wildest Theme: Ben Richardson
Player’s Choice: Jason Lewis
Special Operations Commander: Max Shuchard 
Ben's GK v the Last Chancers. Tremendous.

I'm foggy by this point. Elbrun, are these your puppies?

My greatest regret from the day that I didn't get a better shot of Adam's stupendously cool Sentinel conversion.

Many, many thanks to all the folks that made this year's event so wildly successful. The players on the weekend were legendary. I think it fair to say that the Chicago faction of the Killzone experience has stumbled away from the event physically exhausted but spiritually inspired. By dusk on Sunday evening, great plans were already taking shape. Great, great plans. Just wait until next year. oh baby.



Rictus said...

While it was great seeing the boards come together it is seeing them being used that really bring them alive.

It was the same with the boards I have worked on for events such as GD UK, seeing people play over them with models makes all the effort worthwhile.

Kudos again for putting it all together and what looks like a very successful event.

Thatguyjames said...

It's so inspiring to see it all come together. I feel like buying my tickets for 2013 now :)

Well done sir, you deserve a celebration or three.

Faolan (Jake) said...

It was great, as the others said, seeing them come together and then seeing them get used. You've done an amazing job, on the boards, on the rule set, everything.

Your enthusiasm is a tribute to the hobby.

And while I'd gladly buy those remaining boards, I think shipping to Australia would be MURDEROUS!

Elbrun said...

Yep, those are my puppies, the 'Blood Wolves' in all their 'only ones finished' glory lol

G said...

Which tables are left? Any chance of seeing some pics of the remaining ones?

Brian said...

@ Rictus. Thank you very, very much.

@ James. As do you, sir. As do you.

@ Faolan. Cost prohibitive indeed.And thank you for the kind comments.

@ Elbrun. I thought so.

@ G. Please fire an email at me and we can talk.

Cheers one and all.

Mark said...

If I had somewhere to store them I wouldn't mind buying one or two myself, alas. They truly are amazing.

Also, those wraiths are the best thing since ... well, since ever!

nelsonus said...

Sending an email about the boards!