Wednesday, May 9, 2012



The Cards and Tokens made a much, much bigger splash in this little pond than we could ever have anticipated

The continued response has been so enthusiastic that we have ordered a second (and final) round of these gaming supplements for your hobby glory. These are already going rather quickly, so if you are inclined please don’t wait. When these last sets go, they will be gone for good.

The tokens and the cards have brought an immeasurably cool dynamic to our Special Operations: Killzone games. From the outset, our goal was to produce something rather unique and ambitiously professional to the table with this endeavor. From the rules, to the treatment of the codex, to the AdeptiCon events themselves, we have worked incredibly hard to ensure that the product was aesthetically and substantially top tier material. Both the Tokens and the Cards are indicative of that level of commitment. Full stop. They are beautiful. And fun. 

And now we can share it all with you, all of you …though it merits mention that you need not actually own or use these tokens nor these cards for Killzone if you don’t want. For my part, I am quite simply addicted, and finding all manner of useful purposes for them.

I’m running out of superlatives.

Here’s what you can get…

OPTION 1 - The Full Token Set: $12.50
5 Overwatch tokens (with reversible target marker on the back) +
3 Objective Markers, numbered 1-3 (as above) +
3 Markers, each of which features an image that mirrors the “suits” we have created for the SO: Killzone decks. Extremely cool.

OPTION 2 - The Full Operative Set = $17.50
54-card deck + custom Tuckbox: this set has it all. All the Primary Mission Cards appear in triplicate, but with several cards offering an alternative deployment for the mission as well as several special cards representative of the Night Fight dynamic (who says Special Operations should happen in broad daylight?). Likewise, the Secondary and Tertiary Missions repeat, so that players might conceivably (and unknown to the opponent) draw the same Secondary or Tertiary Mission (tremendous fun). Finally, the Fate set includes two bonus results not included in the rulebook. With this set, you are covered.

OPTION 3 - The Full Monty: Full Token and Operative Card sets = $27.50

Please include $5 shipping for all orders in the US (lower 48), and $10 shipping for all orders outside the US. This additional cost only needs to be added once per order no matter how many items you order (if you would like to place a combined order with a friend, for example).  

At this time, I am only able to accept PayPal to the following address: gentlemanones (at) g mail (dot) com.

Get yours now. Thank you in advance for your support!

Stay frosty.

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