Monday, May 14, 2012

For the Love: Plasma Pistol random

Just a small break from the otherwise unflinching stream of Killzone and AdeptiCon glory here on A Gentleman’s Ones with the return of my favorite hobby indulgence –the painting of random miniatures simply for the love.

Today, we have this plasma pistol-wielding unfortunate, who (I readily imagine) is portrayed here the merest instant before the brilliant, horrific, and very, very warm end of this shabby existence. In truth, I think he is a figure from the Necromunda range but, when I found him amidst clutter during a recent “reorganization,” I felt compelled finally to paint him. These randoms can be quite refreshing and a fine way to rediscover hobby mojo when I am feeling a bit depleted.

In sum, that painting was really a slap-dash affair. I do not intend to use this figure ever, so felt no problem using him to experiment with a cheap and cheerful leather recipe that I have flirted with for some time. His boots and belt and Scorched Brown with exactly one highlight of Dark Flesh followed by a Purple wash and then a diluted Black wash. The effect has some merit.

Less convincingly, I also experimented with pushing my black recipe toward the dark blue range but, as suggested, I found this result much less rewarding than either working toward an honest blue tone.

++Don’t forget that there are a limited supply of tokens and cards left… but they are going rather quickly.++


Dai said...

Always liked that Scum fig. I think you are a little harsh on your paint effort though - he looks just fine from where I'm sat.

(And I don't think there's any "Get's Hot" rule in Necromunda, so he's safe for now.) :)

Mordian7th said...

Yup, it's a Necromunda "scum" figure. Really like how it turned out - the leather recipe is interesting and turned out looking sharp!

Keep up the great work!

sonsoftaurus said...

Looks nice! Hadn't thought of a purple wash over brown before, but with the red influence of both that's interesting, will have to give it a go.

Karitas said...

Nice looking scum :)

I've experiemented with some things about black since you posted that topic last..

follow along with me for a moment here..

Paint colour mixing is based on the subrative properties of pigments. ie we only see a colour because that pigment absorbs all other coloured wavelengths of light.

and black absorbs all of them.

well, in paint mixing black is mixed from the three primaries (Red, Blue, Yellow) so if one were to mix one's own black leaving it a tad skewed to either the blue (commonly) or red for instance.. one could then use more of that colour to create a lighter tone and work that way..

in a lot of cases you can acheive this without mixing your own black, either by using a manufacturer with a tinted black, or by adding some blue say to your black before you start.. i was just pondering if mixing your own almost black would be more beneficial.

further experimentation is required :)

fullborer said...

I like shading with dark blue myself, especially GW Midnight Blue; so naturally, its been discontinued.
If you wanted to re-black the blue on his vest, I'd recommend a Badab Black wash. one step would do it.
or embrace the denim jacket look and bedazzle that sucker.

You have fine taste in Underhive scum, though. This mini has survived several purges of my miniatures closet. perhaps he'll make the cut for my next KZ roster.
"great hustle, fat plasma pistol scummer. that's why it was so hard to cut you..."

Brian said...

@ Dai. That's good to know about the Get's Hot. I must confess that Necromunda is, to me, the most interesting game that I have somehow never managed to play.

@ Mordian 7th. Thanks for the kind words.

@ Sons. Please let me know how it works out for you.

@ Karitas. very, very interesting. I'd like to hear more.

@ Chris. Bedazzle ho! And why not?