Friday, May 25, 2012

Killzone: Iron Warriors SOG

Continuing the conversation from last post. Nearly a year and a half ago, I started a small gaggle of Iron Warriors for Special Operations purposes in order to scratch that particular hobby itch. I wanted each model in the team to be distinctly OOP and particularly full of the warm, glowing, warming glow that those old sculpts offer.

Of course, this was slightly controversial decision -not for the OOP nature of the project, but rather because (as longtime readers will know) the Iron Warriors are one and only army that my favorite frienemy, Referee Pitmann, has enjoyed for nearly 12 years now. How many of us can say that? He has only ever collected and played Iron Warriors in his entire 40K career.


Perhaps unwittingly working from the time-tested motto “if you can’t beat them join them,” I actually slapped these bad boys together almost a long while ago… and they have only just now made it on to the pages of A Gentleman’s Ones (you might be surprised to hear how many other projects remain untouched on this site). There’s been a lot going on and only so much time to post. So, in slower hobby moments, here we are.

I absolutely must offer a very warm a specific “thank you” to Derina, who quite kindly donated most of these models. Thank you.

The Heavy Bolter marine is my favorite, and therefore the Team Leader of the bunch –that’s how it works with me, practical considerations be damned.

I’m not sure what to make of the fellow in the back right –that gun is just weird, really weird. Certainly, he is not Berzerker as the helmet might suggest but rather from a time in which the aesthetic of these things remained wondrously in flux. Perhaps that is part of my attraction to these models now… how peculiar and raw they seem. I don’t know. 


The Dark Templar said...

Your man at the back there looks like he's from the Space Crusade board game, so I'm guessing he's a plastic plug and play model.

They're looking good!

Karitas said...

The odd gun, it's an autogun, right?

cos these date from RT, when any model could have any weapon basically...

40kaddict said...

The Dark Templar is correct, he's a Space Crusade Chaos Marine. I have a few and I was actually going to do them as Iron Warriors too! It is a heavy bolter and references the same style as the original Land Raider's cuppola HB and the Squats had a similar style too, but shoulder mounted.

Border Prince said...

Dark Templar's right - the back right mini is from Space Crusade. If my memory serves, he's the Chaos Space Marine commander and the gun was a heavy bolter!

Kevin said...

Oh how I love the old Chaos models.
If only they could take some influence from the older metal figures and incorporate it into new plastic kits.
They definitely look good in Iron Warriors colors!

HOTpanda said...

Between the hazard stripes and the eye popping blues you have achieved a sinister paint scheme that anything but gentleman like. As always thanks for sharing both the pictures and the insight into your models.

Brian said...

@ Dark Templar. Indeed: "plug and play." I like it.

@ Karitas. It's a strange one, to be sure.

@ dwez. Iron Warriors unite. Clearly, great minds think alike!

@ Border Prince. Commander no less. This minis gets better and better. Ha!

@ Kevin. I feel the same way. I can't fully explain my nostalgia for those old CSM, but I still rate them incredibly well.

@ Panda. Funny how that happens.