Monday, May 28, 2012

Killzone: Orks v. Space Wolves

These are some photos taken from one of the supremely illuminating games that occurred during Killzone v3.0’s rigorous playtest phase. Here, we were specifically testing the relative value of an Armored Might theme and the potential hazards this might prove for the dynamic.

As evidenced by these games, we needn’t have worried. The Wolves got hammered. Hard.

Frozencore Joe, this time, kindly took the mantle of my Orks and let the Kan demonstrate why well-rounded, all-comer Teams are best in this game. I simply couldn’t kill that Kan. Invariably, we have found that going “all in” with this kind of themed dynamic opens up some serious flaws that are really quite easily exploitable for the observant enemy commander.

…But never mind all that. Perhaps the “best” thing about getting trounced by one’s own models is that very small feeling of victory still available to the opportunistic/optimistic gamer. After all, my models still won the game –ahem- right?

This scenario repeated itself during AdeptiCon, when between sessions Skarvald was kind enough to use these same Orks to hand my Wolves another kicking

At least the models look spiffing enough. Apart from that, those poor wolves have had a tough run of it.  


40K Giveaway said...

Yes - when your models look like that, you can feel good win or lose

Brian said...

Thank you kindly.