Monday, June 18, 2012

Killzone: All Good Things…

 I am not sure of the correct sentiment or words exactly, but I have officially tendered my resignation from Special Operations: Killzone (how does one “resign” from something so wondrously unofficial?). Still. There it is.

Please be assured, the KZ dynamic will continue to thrive over at The Codex Project, and Big Jim has already made several announcements with regard to his forthcoming supplemental works in progress: Killzone Evolution, Evo, Killzone Forlorn Hope, and some more. All of this is tremendously exciting. On top of all this, I suspect there will be some modest revisions to accompany the looming release of 6th edition.

It is, admittedly, with an unfamiliar sense of ambivalence that I now depart from a project into which I have placed so very, very, very much time and such extraordinary sums of energy …but it seems the best path. I am tremendously proud of the refined and professional standard of this fan-based gaming supplement, and I am particularly proud of the game’s showing at AdeptiCon these last two years. The tables were a grand labor of love, but the game itself has really blossomed in ways that I would not have imagined possible just over two years ago when this began.

And for this last year in particular (15 months at least), Joe and Vlad deserve tremendous applause for taking a rough but compelling game and making it function in ways that very few fan supplements ever can/do (thinking on it now, actually, I cannot think of another to rival killzone). I believe those fine fellows will still be making contributions to Killzone in their own particular idiom, and that is, in my opinion, a very good thing for the game.

As mentioned, Big Jim will carry on with these projects, and he has been quite sporting about all of this. Alas. I must be the Ringo to Big Jim’s John. The game has grown and is growing in some wild new directions, and my contributions have taken the entire affair away from the concept that Big Jim initially envisioned with his project. So, as the game’s originator and spiritual core, Jim needs to be able to reassert his presence and to shape the game according to his specific vision. I am genuinely looking forward to see what he and his team produce down the road. There is a lot going on, to be sure.

Perhaps more importantly from my specific point of view, the entire experience has given me generous servings of confidence with which I intend to spread my wings a bit. If I may mix my metaphors further, I might offer that I already have two immense irons in very different fires indeed.

More on those in future posts, coming soon.

Until then, so long Killzone!!! …and thanks for all the fish!

To celebrate,  I leave you with a modest collection of my favorite images from these last two years. 


Meleck said...

Well, it seems that life must go on. Well, I'm happy to have ordered my tokens and cards when I did. Not having had the possibility of attending adepticon, it was my Pleasure to view the tables and follow your reports on it. Thanks and I believe KillZone has lost a great spokesperson.

Son of Dorn said...

Well that's unfortunate. I like the direction Killzone went. My friends are pretty cut throat when it comes to playing, and I can be a strict bastard myself. It was great to have a tighter rule set, even if it came across to some as less cinematic to some folks. I'm glad it got split into two versions. My FLGS just had their first KZ tournament and really enjoyed it!

Mordian7th said...

I want to tell you thanks again for all the hard work you've put into the project, it's been a HUGE source of inspiration.

Looking forward to see what you dream up next - keep up the fantastic work!

sonsoftaurus said...

It has been a glorious run. I eagerly await your next projects.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Must... not.. cry.


Damn it!

Alas, it was time for us to give KILLZONE one last salute. Maybe when 6th edition settles down and all the crazy over-hype is gone, maybe then. It's just.. I know that converting Killzone from 5th to 6th Edition is going to be a soul-crushing effort and personally I can't justify that.
Who knows? Maybe 6th will actually make KILLZONE even better? Time will tell. Until then, Brian.. let us manifest.

JustinM said...

Brian, your energy will be missed in the KZ world. I wouldn't have ever felt as engaged as I did in KZ with out your specific contributions to the game and friendly interactions with the community!

HOTpanda said...

It's a good thing I know where my towel is at all times as I will be needing it. Not to suck on for the nutrients as I lavish over your tables but to absorb my man tears. Your tables are without a doubt part of the number 42.
The only question I have for you is what does this mean in terms of your future and the restaurant at the end universe?

The Dark Templar said...

I have to say, I'm very intrigued with what these irons in fires might be. I genuinely don't have a clue.

Even I'm back looking at 40k so I guess anything's possible.

Sidney Roundwood said...


I've followed Killzone and your visions of that game with a lot of interest. You've so much to be hugely proud of, Sir! It's really being a model of how to pull together a really substantial hobby contribution and deliver it in a truly distinctive fashion. Bravo!

Here's to your next projects - may they be as wonderful and glorious! All the best!

MIK said...

That huge gaming table is absolutely stunning.

Brent said...

I gotta say, I'm very, very curious where you're going from here!

Brian said...

@ Meleck. Thank you very much for the kindness. God timing with those tokens!

@ Son of Dorn. Thank you! I agree. I like the tighter ruleset as well. I would love to hear how the tournament came together.

@ Sons of Taurus. Indeed. I hope you like what's in store.

@ Skarvald. As Vinnie Jones would say, "it's been emotional."

@ Justin. Thank you very, very much for the kind words. I really admire your own contributions to the KZ world. Tremendous stuff. I think Skarvald is going to be posting on your specific gloriousness quite soon! Cheers.

@ HotPanda. Never worry, my friend. There are great things in store. I promise.

@ Dark Templar. I know! the Dark Templar is back in 40K and I am leaving KZ. Who would have thought only a year ago that such events were possible? Perhaps this is a sign?

@ Sir Roundwood. Thank you kindly. I am extraordinarily excited about the next chapters. So many ideas. So much glory. There's a whole hobby world out there waiting for our attention...

@ Mik. Cheers mate. The first one last year was 24 feet long and 96 square feet in total. The second one was 30 feet long and 90 square feet total. Dare I say it? Glorious!

@ Brent. Cheers, my good man. I'll be in touch with you about this soon.

Thank you, one and all, for all the kindness. I am extremely grateful for all the support that you have shown these last two years and hope that the next chapters continue to inspire such enthusiastic responses. Fingers crossed.