Friday, June 8, 2012

WIP week: Wreck Age Drifter

[++RETROACTIVE DISCLAIMER: although I didn’t at the time of this post, I now work with Hyacinth Games –the people that bring you Wreck Age. For the sake of full frontal honesty, I thought it best to announce this retrospectively so that there was no appearance of unseemliness or whatnot. You get the picture. ++]

 I am a bit vexed right now because I had typed a longer post that was aggressively devoured by some kind of “problem” and Microsoft was kind enough to report to itself before erasing everything that I spent the last 30 minutes typing.

It is late (for me), so this will be a cheap and cheerful recapitulation of what (I promise) was much more insightful, compelling, and blindingly witty post.

Hyacinth Games: If you have not yet heard of this local upstart, I think it is time that you do. They are for real. The aesthetic is crisp and sophisticated. The art is compelling. The caliber is top shelf. I really admire what they are doing.

Wreck Age: This is the first Hyacinth Games game. It looks very cool. I signed up for the kickstarter a while back based mostly on some very, very promising concept art and a sculpt or two. Well, they have delivered in spades. They were just across the aisle from us at AdeptiCon and it was mayhem -they were swamped the entire weekend, which tells me quite a lot about where they are going. You will be seeing more and more of these models on the site here, as I work my way through the range. This fellow is just the thin end of the wedge. I promise.

In fact, this here Drifter has been a breath of fresh air -tremendous fun to paint thus far, though he is only about 80% finished. The goal with this fellow was to paint for the love. Purely. And indeed, these kinds of “for the love” projects have brought me a long stretch back toward my hobby mojo that (in the post-AdeptiCon, mid-move, summer lull) had been rather tragically depleted of late.

The subtext in this experiment was to play with the tensions that I could find between the new GW blues and oranges.

Here is what I have learned so far:
- it is tremendously liberating to paint a model that looks this cool and that does not come along with proscribed aesthetics. How pleasant to paint a model with only my whim to tell me what color goes where.

- there are four (plus) blues at work here, and I am enjoying the variations in tone that the new range offers. Without realizing it at the time, I have found the old blues tended to bracket my blue thinking in curiously limiting ways. There are a lot of new possibilities in here. And why not.

- Jokaero Orange (or whatever it is called) will play a significant role in some skin formula that I have yet to figure out. As you will have gathered, there is a fair amount of it here on display. I know the name says that it’s orange, but I remain unconvinced. I think it’s some kind of fleshy flesh. More on this when I understand it better myself.

- the new washes are not the old washes are not the old inks. I seem repeatedly find my legs with one product or the other precisely at the moment said product is summarily discontinued. Such a burden. I know. Wipe that tear from your eye. Still, I really felt that I had discovered my place with those washes before the new stuff came along. I will say this: I preferred (prefer really) the old inks for washes on metal and I think these new ones take me a step back that direction.

Wreck Age. Check it out.  


Cameron said...

Looks great. I can't wait to see more from this range. I love how this model has a little bit of a paunch. Looks much better than the cartoon 6 pack every model from GW seems to have (even the new plastic savage orcs...). Every time I see one of your projects it makes me wish I had gotten round to doing it! I will be eagerly awaiting more.

Cameron said...

Are these models resin or metal?

The Dark Templar said...

That's the best reason to paint - for the love of it - and it actually becomes a very enjoyable part of the hobby, rather than something that has to be endured.

You have certainly caught my interest with this model and I feel the need to investigate further.

Great paint job so far.

Gotthammer said...

Nice to see some more Wreck-Age love on the intertubes (I did a writeup of the first 8 minis on my blog). I got my Stichmen in the mail today and they're very nice too.

Hyacinth Games are a great set up, and Matt and Anton really care about the quality of their products.

Might have to go to the GW and get some more paints now...

Anonymous said...

Nice one Brian. Is your rust recipe still the same or are you throwing new colours in there now?

Brian said...

@ Cameron. Absolutely agree. The Hyacinth team has worked very hard to keep the entire range "true," and it has paid off in unexpected ways. More to come tomorrow... and after.

And they are metal. ha.

@ Dark Templar. It's a fun range and growing all the time. In fact, I'm reliably informed that there will be a few new models out sometime this week. For the love!

@ Goth. I noticed that writeup. Good stuff. Good point about Matt and Anton. Good folk for sure.

@ Pom. Good question. Although they look much-a-muchness, the rust is actually entirely from the new range. More on that in a future post. ha.

Paul O'G said...

Lovely stuff indeed- who doesn't love a good post-Apoc style figure!