Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wreck Age: Stitchwoman Hunter

[++RETROACTIVE DISCLAIMER: although I didn’t at the time of this post, I now work with Hyacinth Games –the people that bring you Wreck Age. For the sake of full frontal honesty, I thought it best to announce this retrospectively so that there was no appearance of unseemliness or whatnot. You get the picture. ++]

 More More More.

As mentioned last time, I have been splashing about in the deep end like a child on summer break –but with pure Wreck Age glory instead of shockingly chlorinated water. Fact. I have been having an absolute blast with these models. Specifically, I have been enjoying the calm, meditative quality of painting just a single miniature at a time –slowly and with extra servings of love.

My collection seems to be coming together nicely, if I may say so, and I have already lined up a few more models for the moment I find time for brush and paint once again.

My goal with this Hunter was to invoke some of that grit and horror of the post-apocalyptic medical profession (insurance companies indeed!). I wanted this particular practitioner to look her part: reasonably wealthy but not at all clean, stoic and professional but sinister in that accomplishment (as an aside, this is sci-fi at its best, relevant, pertinent, and insightful while also fantastic and unfamiliar). She is a predator, to be sure.   

And because one good turn deserves another, I have been amplifying this joy by experimenting with GW’s new range. Though hardly what I could call “sticking it to the man,” there is something curious and slightly furtive about all of this. Indeed, I have yet to paint a single GW miniature with their new range.

…a sign of the times perhaps.

This model was another experiment with those groovy new metal colors, as well as my first ever bash at the new dry-brush range.

My thoughts…? –dunno really. I tend to overbrush rather than genuinely drybrush most days anyway, so the effect unlikely to impress me in ways that I couldn’t possibly have been otherwise. Still, I just thought the stuff was ok. Neither here nor there. My loins were unmoved. Later, I even experimented a bit with reconstituting (or thinning) the color a bit just to see what might happen.

In sum, I think it is neither greater nor a molecule worse than “ok.”

Thinking on it now, I only every really genuinely drybrush for a few final stages of my metal recipes …though rather unhelpfully I did not do that here. Instead, I worked the highlights of the dark/black robe up to a bluish-gray. My technique was not stellar, and I intend to give it another bash sometime in the reasonably near future.

For me, the real revelation here has been the washes. I like them.

a lot.


Son of Dorn said...

Your link has a few extra characters at the end that cause it to 404.

A female model that's modestly covered? Surely a sign of the endtimes! Just heard an interview with the creators of Wreck Age on the most recent TEW podcast. Background for the game sounds really neat and I think your models fit the tone quite well.

Any word on that email? ;)

Brian said...

@ Son of Dorn. Good catch. I think that I've fixed it. Thanks for the kind words.

I'll have that email to you this week. Thanks for your patience.

Son of Dorn said...

No problem. :)

Incidentally, it's been brought to my attention that the 6th edition rulebook lists the Stormraven as a vanilla marine vehicle :D So now I can bring my prize to tournaments! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

An Enemy said...

Looking good.

The Dark Templar said...

It seems to me Brian that you have reached a similar place in your hobby life-cycle to me – taking pleasure in the simplicity of painting individual models rather than the time-pressured environment of army building. I suspect your painting skills will improve as a consequence, although this is already a lovely, eye-catching finished piece.

I've been really enjoying your foray into this new line of minis, one I'd never heard of before (to my own detriment) – look forward to seeing more.

Does the game require any new, specific terrain projects to add atmosphere?