Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wreck Age: Stitchman Hunter

[++RETROACTIVE DISCLAIMER: although I didn’t at the time of this post, I now work with Hyacinth Games –the people that bring you Wreck Age. For the sake of full frontal honesty, I thought it best to announce this retrospectively so that there was no appearance of unseemliness or whatnot. You get the picture. ++]

Deep breath. Back to the meat and potatoes of this blog.

This is my first entry from the new Stitchmen models. The fluff for this faction is creepy, really creepy. I love it.

This fellow is the first that I painted, and I confess that I was not certain what direction to take him initially. The concept art for him is dark and extremely foreboding. I wanted to suggest a bit of that menace and threat but with a bit more proper color in the mix, so that he didn’t just wash out.

I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the color exactly (and I am traveling this week, so I’ll not be able to find it until I return), but the new “screaming bell” metal color (or whatever it is called) is going to be one of my new favorites. I feel that I have only just begun to touch what that color can do in this metal armament, but I am already extremely fond of the odd coloring it allows. I enjoy painting metals quite a bit, and these new colors are just the ticket.

As with all of my Wreck Age minis, I am also hoping for a very weathered, exposed, exhausted kind of coloring. And so in contrast to the bright but haggard metal armor, I hoped to create much more dark, muted blackish cloth, which helps make the armor more distinct and the model more sinister.

In sum, it is a very simple but suggestive scheme. It should always be this easy.


Gotthammer said...

Intense, strangely menacing colour scheme - and one I would never have thought of!
I'll be checking that new brass colour out for sure.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

I like the way it looks...something about it...real nice work

Matt said...

Turned out great man, thanks a lot!

Brian said...

@ Gothhammer. I recommend.

@ Captain Richard. Thank you very much.

@ Matt. a pleasure.