Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Nerd Kingdom


As the long ordeal of “the move” unfolds, I have found it imperative to get my new, dedicated nerd space into relative shape on the proverbial hop. I did this knowing that it would not exactly be in “good shape” for quite a while yet, but there has been something quite therapeutic about getting the basic layout in order.

looking north

Granted. It will take time to find where everything belongs, and I imagine that there will be a major revision or two before I genuinely feel sorted and situated but, in the mean time, I am reveling in the space, space, space. This room in the basement has no other purpose than to allow me an opportunity to exercise my hobby impulses, with another area for storage of all sorts adjoining. This might be quite handy.  

looking south

And it has a sofa.

Low-ceilinged basement or no, I feel I’ve landed in the very lap of luxury. The dog agrees.  

As importantly, this has meant a return to building and to painting –for the first time absolutely in months. I simply cannot wait to have a brush to hand once more. Will I have forgotten how to blend, to wash, to overbrush, and generally to trim all the little tricks that I have gathered in these last ten years or so?

We shall see.

Naturally, I have strategically situated a modest collection of my current favorite models to help me find inspiration and encouragement as I get back into the painting groove.

So what’s first?

Dystopian Wars – Compliments of Roberto Vo5.

And then some random Cowboys that I picked up from Black Scorpion Miniatures a while back… for the love. Black Scorpion has some lovely stuff on offer -very cool indeed. 

These should be two decent endeavors to get me back into the swing.   


Mordian7th said...

Great looking hobby room, Brian! I'm envious of the layout - wish I had room for a sofa in my hobby loft, that's a nice touch. Extra storage space means you're up for your very own Closet of Doom, too! :)

Looking forward to seeing more hobby goodness now that the dust is settling. Cheers!

Big Jim said...

Congrats on the fantastic hobby room!

I have painted a bunch of Black Scorpion Cowboys and they are fantastic! I cannot wait to see what you do with them!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Nerd Kingdom?!?!?! Did you coin that term or did the Mrs.?

I just tell people that I live in a bitz box...

Unknown said...

I'm jealous. We just moved too and I ended up losing a room -- I had "my office"at the old house, and now "my corner" occupies one end of the bedroom...

Dai said...

O how I wish I had room for a gaming table in my hobby room, but I guess I should be happy I have a dedicated room to myself in the first place. :)

Very nice setup sir, it needs a wetbar!

HOTpanda said...

Killer man cave you got there

Troy said...

Your gaming space looks really good. Makes me want to figure out how to get a couch in the Basement of Death.

Where did you get that paint rack?

Gothridge Manor said...

Wow, your room looks fantastic. Very jealous. Enjoy and create!

Brian said...

@ Mordian 7th: Cheers mate. The closet of doom is already gathering clutter in a capable and receptive manner.

@ Big Jim. Thank you! The cowboys are next, for the love.

@ Da Masta Cheef. I confess that I called it the Nerd Kingdom first, though I hardly heard a word of protest from the Mrs. ha!

@ JD Brink. I strongly believe that hobby space is like matter. It is never created nor destroyed. It only changes form.

@ Dai. Wet bar. I may have to content myself with one of those little mini-fridges like I knew back during the university days. I will call it my wet bar for certain! ha.

@ HOTpanda. Cheers mate. Good to hear from you again.

@ Troy! Thanks. We'll have to compare notes sometime soon. The paint-stand is from Miniature Scenery ( though I actually picked it up from my FLGS.

@ Tim Shorts. Thanks you very much for the kind words and encouragement. I feel that I am slowly digging (very slowly, actually) myself out from under it all.