Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zombicide (1)

Because it’s there.

I initially wanted to get into my “for the love” western painting project in order to rediscover my painting mojo, which is coming along in fits and starts thanks for asking, but then this happened. Such is the life in this hobby we adore. Why have one project when this one goes up to eleve - - ooooh what’s that?

What feels like several lifetimes ago (and in my peculiarly intense world of hobby compulsion –it may as well have been generations, whole eras, past), I contributed to the Zombicide Kickstarter. And finally, these last two months or so, I have actually managed a respectable sequence of games.

It is fun. The rules are 16 pages long. The game is fast, oddly balanced, fun, and quirky... and fun. The models are terrific, and the great unwashed mass of them paint up with incredible ease (there’s no real bother with fine details, in my opinion, just cheap and cheerful mayhem). Even with a treatment that could only ever be described as  hasty, the zombies look suitably zombified.

I spent a little bit (but only just) longer on these two survivors as a reward for a solid night’s survival and general zombiciding. I figure that paint will be the reward for any characters that earn the attention, cheap and cheerful, but I do so loathe using unpainted models for any game. It’s an affliction.

In sum, there are a few hiccups with the game itself, and they could easily have stretched those rules to 25 pages with some added clarity and without a peep of complaint. But there you go. We have managed some tremendous romps through the apocalypse.

Brilliant stuff.


Mordian7th said...

Excellent! We've quite enjoyed Zombicide as well - love how the painted zombies and survivors turned out.

Cool stuff as always, Brian!

TJ Atwell said...

My buddy Chuck played this game with a bunch of folks on the East Coast and has been racing about it! I really want to try it out.

Unknown said...

Really like the color on those zombies! They definitely look like they just crawled out of a wet, boggy cemetery for a late night snack.