Saturday, February 16, 2013

For the Love: Wild West

At the outset of the new year, and in an effort to regain some depleted hobby mojo, I set out to paint a bit of this and a bit more of that purely for the love. Amongst these ftl offerings were these resin “Earps” that I picked up some time ago from Black Scorpion Miniatures.

So far. So good.

One: I love the resin they have created. While I have belatedly come to detest beyond measure GW’s Finecast smut (I will never buy another miniature made in that material, ever), Black Scorpion’s resin gives me hope and faith in the future of non-metal minis.

No. Seriously. I loathe Finecast. It’s terrible, terrible stuff -and consider that I almost never spew hate on the internet.

Two: I have no idea what I am going to do with these guys. I do not really have any genuine or manufactured need for these guys. But I like them all the same. Here I find myself in one of those (for me) rare moments when I am completely outside my genre preferences and actively looking for a decent ruleset to justify my excitement for these minis.

Three: the work is cheap and cheerful. I painted these guys in a manner that should only be described as hastily, and it shows. Still, the point of the exercise was to regain hobby mojo –which I might also generally describe as an effort-to-reward ratio. I am trying to build momentum that has been lacking, to get some traction under my painting feet, and to reinvigorate my desire to paint. It's all about that momentum. 

I have some bigger, more ambitious projects on the horizon, and I need to find my stride once again if I am going to be able to achieve the quality I hope from the time that I have: effort-to-reward. In that sense, I would call these miniatures a modest success. They have broken the slow spell and got me back at the desk for some hobby glory.

In fact, I have five more dudes like this to paint and they will almost certainly get attention quite soon.

Next post, I have a real treat from days of yore that have finally made it into the greater blogosphere. More on them after the weekend!


Lead Legion said...

Very nicely done. Black Scorpion do seemt to have hit the nail on the head with their resin recipe. My only gripe with it is that it's a little bit too brittle before it's painted. But it seems to be durable enough once you get a lair or two of paint on it.

Karitas said...

lovely stuff.

i suggest a small game board, some wild west style building kits from rendera miniatures and others, make a small town (main street only required) find some rules and have a few old fashioned shootouts|!

yes, i have also been thinking about this for some time....

you could also co-opt them into some pulp gaming.. you know, a dinosaur or two.. maybe a time travelling morlock band...

slysa said...

I like how whenever anyone on the internet says they hate finecast they never say why it's bad it's always just blanket statements which leads me back to the inevitable conclusion that they're living the life of change=bad