Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AdeptiCon 2013: Star Phantoms (1)

More AdeptiCon WIP shots. This is going to happen a lot in the coming weeks, as it is all work round here and all of it is pointed squarely in AdeptiCon’s direction. So please enjoy if that is your thing as much as it is mine.

Star Phatoms, you may be wondering. I know. I know. 

I will explain. There is an AdeptiCon staff “thing” going around right these recent months. I am not sure what else to call it, and I am not even certain what state it is in right now. I am certain, however, that it will be glorious. The idea is a simple one: gather a ton of people interested in the hobby and corral them into producing 1000 points around a single theme for a massive game.

In no small part, the impetuous to rebuild the Sin of Alacrity came from this gambit. All the better, we could then parlay the massive set of tables into a Zone Mortalis slot for the AdpetiCon weekend. Or did that happen the other way around… to be candid, I’m not certain.

Regardless, the theme is the Badab confict. The staff circulated a sing-up sheet months and months ago. We were all meant to select a faction, loyal, traitorous, etc, and get to work. Most of the obvious spots were taken (Lamenters being a particularly popular choice), and I arrived quite typically late to the party. So it goes.

With what little was left in circulation, I handily picked the Star Phantoms based on little more than the notion that they would be worth learning about, and that they were otherwise not spoken for, win-win.

Turns out, they shot Huron in the face. Nice work, team. After that, I have a basic sense of the color scheme. That about sums it up.

In the spirit of the event, I will also be using this faction as the 750 point ringer army for the Zone Mortalis event on the outside (but entirely plausible) chance that I actually get to play a game or three during the weekend. One never knows.

As for the Sin of Alacrity tables, stay tuned. I have been making slow and steady progress and there is a lot coming together in these final weeks to the event.

It’s all happening.


warhammer39999 said...

I really dig the work you did on the terminators. You don't see people hacking up Space Hulk termies very often...

I'm also happy to see the gothic style backpacks, but that's for selfish reasons. I was thinking of picking some up.

Unknown said...

I really like where your going with these. The Termies look amazing so far. Its nice to see someone utilizing those Gothic pattern backpack.

Brian said...

@ Warhammer 39.9K. I love Space Hulk, so much so that I bought two sets... I painted one appropriately, and the second was for fun. Ha.

@ Kevin S. Thanks. I saw those packs in the store and thought... why not? So far, I am extremely pleased with how they've turned out. I've never loved the MKII packs, and these Gothic beauties have turned that situation around completely.