Tuesday, March 19, 2013

AdeptiCon 2013: Tables (3)

Fun with shapes.

Tall Paul and I have created a sea of these basic shapes and have since spent a considerable amount of time with them, arranging, re-arranging, arranging, and repeat. It is an interesting challenge. We have several ideas that we are trying to express, but which will inevitably look rather meager at this early stage. Still. Here’s a go. None of this has been nailed together just yet, so we are at liberty to play and play with a side order of play. These photos are six designs that we have been enjoying thus far. The first image above might be gun bays (but again, it's all fluid at this point).

Bridge: or at least it might be (nose in the image above would be pointing south), picture big screens and commander's chairs, etc.

Teleportation rooms: I have a vision that under the purview of a central monitoring station, each section will include a variety of wired “pads” upon which Terminators and the like would stand before teleporting to the surface. More on that soon.

Storage hangars: these spaces will be littered with crates and general mechanical clutter, etc.

We are not yet certain about these last two and have two more after that to assemble. I think the one above might be a barracks or an inquisitorial chamber. Shapes! It has been a process, and I must say that in moments like these it is quite beneficial to have someone like Tall Paul around, not only for his general carpentry prowess and extraordinary collection of tools, but also for his complete objectivity.

Tall Paul has no interest really in our hobby. He has never played a single minute of any miniature game. He enjoyed the Hobbit (film only), and that about sums it up. As such, his approach to these tables is not clouded through a gaming lens. He is not thinking about rules so much as pure style and finesse. If it were up to him, at least one of these tables would have an open flame on it, and another might have running water. Neither of these elements will be included, of course, as I’m certain there is a zoning ordinance against it. But still. He brings a drive for glory that is not compromised by practicality, and that is unapologetically refreshing.

The proof is in the pudding. This is the fourth time that TP has donated his time and talent to helping me build tables of this type and demeanor. The first tables for Killzone at AdeptiCon 2011 he did as a curiosity, I believe. The second he did for Heroes of Armageddon as a challenge to his skill and craftsmanship. The third set for Killzone 2012 he did because the project was ambitious, and because he was enjoying himself. And here we are now doing this for the fourth time. 

Has this accidentally become our niche? How did that happen?


Cameron said...

I am excited to see how these turn out. What game will be played on them?

Son of Dorn said...

It looks as though you're both off to a great start. :)

Warboss Gubbinz said...

You guys may like this one:


Brian said...

@ Cameron. Thanks; these tables are designed for the Zone Mortalis games at AdeptiCon. Added all together, they are meant to look like a giant slice of a single ship.

@ Son of Dorn. It's a start all right. Unfortunately, all the really hard work is ahead of us yet. Isn't that always the case? Ha.

@ Warboss Gubbinz. Wow. Wow. Wow. I wanted to get a better look at this during GD, but the thing was always so completely mobbed that I never really had the chance. Thanks for the link! Inspirational stuff! Cheers.

warhammer39999 said...

"If it were up to him, at least one of these tables would have an open flame on it..."

I'd play on that board!