Sunday, March 31, 2013

AdeptiCon 2013: Tables (5)

I know a guy part two.

You have heard me bang my drum about That Guy James before, undoubtedly.

He produced the last two sets of Special Operations: Killzone cards, as well as the “Sin of Alacrity” wallpaper that I have used throughout this table-making bonanza. He has been a very, very busy man building an empire of glory that is, well, glorious.

He is an artist from top to toe, and relentlessly creative… and creatively relentless.

This year I asked him to revisit the Sin of Alacrity computer screen images that had served me quite well in the past in hopes that we could raise the stakes slightly.

He knocked it out of the park. Rather than work toward peculiar particulars, or guess either dimensions and/or shapes and/or work endless revisions to get through all that muddle, James simply came up with the blindingly tremendous idea: broad sheets that can be cut to order.

Behold these beauties. You’ll be seeing quite a lot of this on the new Sin of Alacrity tables: on the bridge, and various control stations, panels, doors, anywhere I can justify it really. 

I never cease to be amazed at the blinding talent sitting just beyond this screen. In these past three AdpetiCons, I have been consistently left gobsmacked by the dedication and creativity of James and of many other personalities out there in this grand blogosphere. Wondrous stuff.


Big Jim said...

Those are truly awesome, James is a very talented dude, great work bro!

I cannot wait to see this new table really come together!

I myself am just about to embark on a new table building venture, and cannot wait to share it. Plus get your input on it buddy.


Son of Dorn said...

I have a pretty good feeling that the completed table will make me drool. It's just getting better and better. :)

Brian said...

@ Big Jim. Thank you kindly, old friend. I can't wait to see your project, and I will be absolute delighted to help in any capacity that I am able. Just let me know! can't wait.

@ Son of Dorn. Thank you very much.