Saturday, March 16, 2013


I have been trying, slowly, to get back in the saddle with this blogging business. For two years, I had a genuine momentum and was able to produce work here that, quite frankly surprises even me looking back now. As with all such cases I have seen here on the internet, I simply had more time then than I do now. And so the blog suffered a bit.

But just before the new year a kind letter from a fellow that I am quite pleased to consider a friend knocked me in the shoulder precisely at the moment I needed it most. I will admit; I was beginning to doze.

Here is Warhammer 39,999’s post that brought me back round and reminded me what I have enjoyed so tremendously about the hobby and about the blogosphere as well. You can read all the details of how these models temporarily landed on my plate some 2+ years ago on his site.

Here, I would just like to mention that I would never have met Rob if it were not for this fine medium, and I would never have been allowed the tremendous pleasure of getting to paint all these stupifyingly lovely models. This, I believe, is what makes this whole grand experiment so fine, so compelling, so very cool. Experiences like these are what make me feel that we are a genuine community of kindred spirits.

What a collection! When I finally put the brush down, I was positively green with envy.

Although I sincerely believe that (with the notable exception of finecast) GW continuously produces models without equal, these old quirky monsters continue to evoke something quite extraordinary in me. They are just fun and weird and brilliant.

Thank you Rob, for letting me put paint on them, and thank you also for getting me back in the swing of things.



Kieran B said...

Beautiful work, there really is something about these minis, they're what caught my eye and imagination when I first got started. I'd agree with the quality in today in technical terms, but it feels like a lot of the love has gone. There's something a bit souless about them.

But these are superb, and you've really done them justice!

neverness said...

Glad you're back! And back with some glorious old school chaos models! Well done!

Brian said...

@ Kieran. Thank you very much. I Rob ever sells this army, I am going to be very near the front of the line. I have to imagine that collections of this magnitude are somewhere between "rare" and "very rare." And I totally agree about their charm.

@ neverness. Thank you very much.

Warhammer39999 said...

Thank you for painting them, and for all of the great content you've produced over the years. Maybe one day I'll get you to paint my Nurgle version of the army!

Brian said...

@ WH 39.9K. You have this all again in Nurgle? I am speechless. You amaze me. Just amaze.

warhammer39999 said...

I don't know that "all this again" is an accurate description. I had more Khorne guys than Nurgle ones, but I'm sure I have 20+ plague marines and a few of the classic RT chaos dreads collecting dust.