Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Remote, Half-Glimpsed Realities

I have been letting the artwork trickle out a bit here and there on this blog, but it might be a good idea to stop and consider that for a moment.


Anvil Eight Games is a particular mix of quirky individuals with a broad spectrum of experience. Each character brings something quite different in disposition from the others to the table, and this, we believe, is a good thing. Perhaps the only point at which we all overlap, however, is artwork. At Anvil Eight Games, we believe, quite vehemently, in the visualization of remote and half-glimpsed realities.

We have been working on the Aetherium project for nearly two years now. In that time, we have been studiously preparing a mass of artwork not only to create an exciting and unique line of miniatures, but also to realize more fully the world in which this game inhabits. Our goal is to present an entire world with space to grow, but with profound roots from which the universe might evolve: past, present, future.

Each of our collective vividly remember the hours and hours upon untold hours spent staring at the amazing artwork that accompanied the games we knew as kids. I’ve moved house a number of times in the last few years, and in one of those grand shifts, I found my tattered old Monster Manual from a bygone era. I paused from packing for a moment to flip through the volume that I had absorbed so much of my attention some 25 years or more ago, and was delighted to see that younger-me had colored in many of his favorite monsters. I had forgotten about that.

We have never really outgrown that phase.

We at Anvil Eight Games have been working with extraordinarily talented artists to make this dream a reality and, while these small offerings represent only the first timid steps down that path, our goal is that our product should be reminiscent of those quirky and captivating old rule and sourcebooks we remember with such powerful nostalgia.

There’s a lot of work here, and we've got quite a lot more to show you. I encourage you to get comfortable, to take some time, and to immerse yourself in this amazing set of creative extrapolations.

Behold! The Aetherium!

Artist: David Auden Nash
Naturally, all work here is the exclusive Copyright of Anvil Eight Games. All rights reserved.

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