Tuesday, March 25, 2014


In exactly one week, Anvil Eight Games will launch its first and only Kickstarter campaign for AETHERIUM.

The other weekend, we popped round to a friend’s studio to film a pair of videos for the launch. Coulter brought his camera and gadgets and we spent a crisp Chicago morning making the best of it. Thank you very, very much Coulter (what a legend!) for showing us the proverbial cinematic ropes.

Long time readers will recognize Tall Paul as modest but fundamental contributor to the Anvil Eight Games’ cause. The weeks before AdeptiCon would be nothing without him, and many readers will be relieved to know that his talents are still a force working for the side of glory and tremendousness. Likewise, our all-round design guru Mackenzie pulled through to represent the collective.

It was a curious experience. I, for one, am not enamored with the sound of my own voice played back to me. And I think I might be a little cross-eyed. All these years and nobody told me.  Ah well. Nevermind.

Though only four of us made it to the filming, there are more on hand. By all means, stop in the Harry Caray Ballroom (holy cow!) to see the entire collective putting this game through its proper AdeptiCon paces. It’s a chance to get in early on the glory.

And get some free stuff. 

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