Sunday, February 14, 2010

Battle Report I, part three.

Some final ruminations on yesterday’s battle.

The Questionable Assault: so we accidentally screwed up the assault after deep strike rule when his Daemon Prince arrived in the top of turn four. That’s no big shake really. Certainly, it was an accident (caused by a brief break in the action) and neither of us caught it until later in the evening. To be candid I don’t think this matters in the slightest. If we had noticed it, the DP would simply have eaten his way down from the top of the food chain, rather than the bottom up. Which is to say, he would have spent the turn aligning himself to join the Terminator melee that had my Librarian stuck in it and then worked through the Scouts in later turns. He had “wings,” so he would easily have been mobile enough to get where he needed in what was otherwise a very crowded little corner of the table.

The Real Mistake: The above observation merely highlights the fact that my Librarian shouldn’t have been in that particular combat from the outset. Perhaps he was drunk with the thought of his own power (it’s called Hubris –overweening pride). In two consecutive turns his squad had eliminated an already mauled squad of Bikers, and then decimated another squad of Terminators. I had no reason to believe that the outcome would be any different for the next assault on a nearly identical unit of Terminators. Instead, he got himself stuck in round after round of meaningless combat.

But hindsight is 20/20, and I can say from a safe distance that he should have excused himself from the squad before the assault so that he was free to tidy up the loose ends that were still floating about the board.

Consider: at the bottom of turn four, I had something like 4 kill points to his 0. There was an opportunity to secure at least one more if someone (cough cough) were on hand to capably deal with the Berzerkers trundling through the trees. Instead, the good Referee collected something like 6 or 7 kill points in those final turns. Ouch. That stings.

I must remember to keep my Librarian playing toward his strengths. And with this setup in particular, I must keep those soft, small units of scouts away from trouble late in kill point games. It was entirely too easy for the honorable Referee to string up three easy kill points on soft targets.

(and by the way, if anyone is reading this, I'm curious what recommendations you might make about psychic powers for your Librarian. I had "avenger" and some other useless nonsense that I never used. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.)

The Schoolboy Error: Which leads me to my final point about that Librarian… I’d spent a considerable amount of time assembling, converting, painting, and generally doting on him –only to forget the 3+ invulnerable save that comes with the storm shield that I’d oh so carefully pinned to his left arm. That’s just a dreadful, dreadful error. Inexcusable really.

Next time.

In the mean time, I’ve nearly finished another Librarian conversion for the Onorevoli (the fluff I’m considering has them Librarian heavy). Let’s see what characteristic I can woefully overlook on this guy for the rematch, eh.


Dverning said...

Heh. Maybe I should read all three posts before commenting on the rules error. :-p

As to Librarian powers, the ONE I'd really suggest getting is Null Zone. It is exceptional with how many units get Invulnerable saves these days.

The secondary power is kinda optional, but Quickening is good if he's going to be doing pickup CC. Gate of Infinity or Force Dome are also okay, but you have to have a unit worth using them on too.

Brian said...

Ha. Not to worry. Any and all advice is welcome, regardless of the timing. We don't get enough games in to be completely fluid with these things, so as far as Pitmann and I are concerned every little bit helps.

Thanks also for the tips on Powers. Null Zone will absolutely get a look next time the Onorevoli take the field.