Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bloodletters of Nurgle

So. Some more about those Bloodletters of Nurgle. I have been slowly, slowly, slowly accumulating a CSM army of my own to compete with Ref P's Iron Warriors. Slowly.

Although my Chaos army is currently unnamed and unfluffed, I'd originally imagined them as Pitmann's Iron Warriors gone a bit rusty and, as such, they are almost entirely Nurgle in theme and disposition. About a year ago, I painted up another batch of Bloodletters and kitted them out in the standard, appropriate color. They tend to look a bit odd (and bright) when placed next to their teammates on the table, so I thought I'd try my hand at something a bit more coherent, visually speaking.

As summoned Lesser Daemons, they are pretty generic in a CSM army and therefore aren't much to fuss over... so I didn't bother. These guys were painted as quickly as I could manage:

I began by basing all of them with Chardon Granite and highlighting with a loaded drybrush from Adeptus Battlegrey toward Dheneb Stone. Once that was set, I washed them generously first with Ogryn Flesh, and then again with Devlan Mud. The Dheneb Stone picks up the warm skin tones of the Ogryn wash nicely, and the Devlan Mud takes care of smoothing (smooving?) the layers and adding depth to the shaded areas. Once dry, I went back and very gently picked up a few small highlights with diluted bit of Dheneb Stone.

The horns are just a thinned was of Chaos Black over the above.

I based the swords first with Scorched Brown, followed by stippled layers of Dark Flesh, then Macharius Solar Orange, then Tauspet Ocre, and finally a scarce stipple of Iyanden Darksun. For each layer, I used the same corner on a piece foam from the back of an old blister pack and worked very, very hastily. I didn't even pause to let the layers dry between colors, giving the whole mess a peculiar, muddy effect. Once the stippling was over, I lightly drybrushed Mithril Silver toward the edges. Finally, I washed the blades with a mix of the old Chestnut Ink and a Green/Purple Ink combination (all from the old ink washes that are no longer in production. I don't know what I am going to do when my diminishing supplies finally run out).

I picked out some details on the pommel with Dwarf Bronze, washed it with a diluted but just barely mixed combination of Scaly Green and Goblin Green, then picked the details out again haphazardly with Dwarf Bronze. I'm not sure yet how well I like the two competing colors on the sword hilt and blade, but from a distance the colors complement each other reasonably well.

The tongue and handles use the same color with different levels of highlighting from Scaly Green to Hawk Turquoise with a bit of Bleached Bone added for the final highlight (I remained much, much more muted on the handle). I covered both with another generous wash of Devlan Mud. This step brightens the model up and pulls it together a bit, in my opinion, without letting it get too vivid.

One final word on Devlan Mud. It rocks.

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