Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bloodletters of ...

I mentioned in a post from last week the two squads of Bloodletters that I currently have as options for my CSM army, the second of which I finished only last weekend.

The first squad was done in the traditional Khornate manner: Red. I mentioned that this choice works well, visually speaking, when I also have the Corsair Havocs on the table from yesterday’s post, but otherwise doesn’t really jell with the tone of the army. Perhaps needlessly, this makes me less likely to use them if-and-when able. I don’t hold myself too strictly to this rule, but I spend a fair bit of time mulling over simple aesthetic matters and it seems that visual concerns tend to influence my gaming more than is likely good for me.

I try not to spend too much time painting these (or any) bloodletters. At the end of the day, they are filler, and so I paint them to look good enough from a distance. Also, they tend to get shelved pretty quickly once on the table, so it seems rather unnecessary to dote too much attention on them.

For the Red coloring, I work the up from Liche Purple up through the GW Reds range, but stop before getting too bright. The Purple keeps the mix sufficiently rich and, more importantly, dark. Despite this, I still come back in with a thin mixed wash of Purple and Red at the end to blend and shade the model a little further. I've found that shading red can tend to make the model look either pink (for shame) or orange. As such, it is absolutely essential to come back and layer the model with either a red wash or red ink to keep the hue where it's meant to be.

My second squad (the recipe for which I detailed in my “Bloodletters of Nurgle” post below) is more directly connected to the Nurgle-esque aesthetic of the Arrugginiti (ie: my CSM army). In fact, these Bloodletters of Nurgle almost exactly match the method I’ve painted my Plaguebearers, which helps keep the whole theme of the army unified. As it turns out, I actually prefer this darkened and grayed look to the traditional Khorne coloring because, to me anyway, they simply feel more malevolent and dangerous.

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