Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CSM: HQ -Typhus and Sorcerer

When completed, the Daemon princes-in-progress from yesterday’s post will be joining a homemade Typhus and a very old… well, I don’t know what he was meant to be exactly, but I use him as a Sorcerer. If anyone reading has a clue about what this figure was originally, I’d love to know.

Right now, these are my only two HQ choices for my Nurgle themed CSM army, which I have decided to name the Arrugginiti (which means something like, “rusted ones”).

The Sorcerer is a pretty peculiar old model that I found in the attic years ago, then set aside, then started, then ignored, and then finally finished last summer when the Arrugginiti started to take shape. I’m not really sure about this figure, but his gas mask and flintlock gun in particular are the kind of random, odd details that suggest to me a strong Blanchitsu influence –but that is really little more than speculation on my part. The picture doesn’t show it too well, but he has also been shod in cloven hooves, which strikes me as a really weird and wonderful detail.

For this figure, I wanted to work up a strong contrast between the different metals and find a color that would offer a vivid contrast to the cloak. I used heavy washes of the old brown ink to give it that murky, soiled look, but kept the gun quite clean by contrast –although less so with the knife as it is more likely to get, um, dirty. His cloak was one of my first experiments with using Dark Flesh as a shading color for greens. In all, I quite like the effect. (again, I’d love any information on where this figure comes from or what he was meant to be originally).

Typhus still needs a bit of work, but I am otherwise pleased with the the direction he is headed. His scythe was one of my first simple experiments with plastic-card (the one pictured here is actually my third attempt). I also added a bit of putty around the pole in order to give it a knotted, organic, and wooden feel. It’s a subtle and potentially unnecessary gesture, but one that I feel pays off tremendously for the tone of the figure. I also added the hourglass to help suggest the “Grim Reaper” personality of this model.

His uncovered right arm was another test in the combination of two unrelated plastics (ogre and zombie). The hand, again, was designed to suggest the Grim Reaper. But I felt that an entire skeletal frame would have been too frail, too meager for such of powerful figure. Instead, I wanted him to seem both robust and rotten while reaching into the warp for some dark, necrotic purpose –as if the magic itself was withering his hand. On that note, I must confess that the flesh tone doesn’t work here, not only because it’s too bold a departure from the palate in the rest of the figure, but also because it looks too healthy. I’m not sure how else to put it. When I go back to touch up the face, the base, and some other details, I’m hoping to have a flash of inspiration on how I might rot the arm a bit.

The armor was painted using the rust formula that I detailed in the “Bloodletters of Nurgle” post below. I have used this simple, fast recipe throughout the army as a kind of unifying color –as I have with the accented “blue” color you can see in the eye on his knee and shoulder. The fur on the back of the cloak and the base (as with nearly all the bases in this army) were painted from Charadon Granite through to Knarloc and then Gretchin Green, with very small highlights of Tausept and Iyanden. If necessary, I then give these a quick was with either Sepia or Devlan depending on how much shade needs to be brought back into the folds. The cloak was done with Tausept, with shades of Scorched Brown and highlights working toward a very thinned mix of Tausept, Iyanden, and Bleached Bone.

As you can tell, I've really been enjoying GW's Foundation range for the better part of a year now.


oni said...

That's a very cool interpretation of Typhus.

Brian said...

Thank you. I'll be sure to post a second set of photos once I've touched up the details.

Dverning said...

Hah! Knew I'd seen that Sorceror: http://solegends.com/citcat89/c890219chaosbeastmen-h.htm

Center, right of the page "021911". He an old Chaos Champion from the late 80's.

Brian said...

Awesome find!!! Thank you.
And he's for Fantasy no less. How interesting.

Well regardless, I think it's fair to say that I love every single model in that range.