Friday, March 26, 2010

Adepticon: Swag Fest

I never managed that second post yesterday, so today’s first post becomes yesterday’s second… etc. Apologies, particularly as that last bit sounds a bit too much like mathematics for my liking, but I think you understand.

Adepticon starts today, and I suspect that at least some of you either will be traveling in for the event or are already in the Chicagoland area. If so, I hope to see you there. I’ll be the bald guy with glasses.

This will be my first Adepticon, and I’m tremendously exited (and a little nervous). I’ll confess that Adepticon only appeared on my radar in the last two years or so; I don’t really know why I’d missed it in years past. Perhaps I’d somehow envisioned it as the convention for more serious gamers, and not the stuff for a more amicable nerd like myself. Certainly, the tournament scene is a particular taste. But perhaps this next point has something to do with it, because I’d also like to confess that I am one of the people that really enjoyed GW’s Games Day (or NerdFest as we know it around here). I know that’s not a particularly popular stance here on the internets but, honestly, I’ve always enjoyed what GW put together and felt that last year was the most fun I’d had at any of the six or seven I’ve attended. More’s the pity that they’ve knocked it on the head for the Chicagoland area.

Part of the fact that I’ve enjoyed myself at Nerdfest has to do with GW, to be sure, but I also have to allow myself some small credit here. Last year was the first time that I really dove fully into the events; the first time I participated in any/all of the weird and wonderful little elements that float around the actual event itself; the first year out of six or seven that I genuinely shed my reservations, my hesitancy, and my paralyzing timidness in order to fully embrace my nerd glory (this blog, by the way, is a clear symptom of that new disposition as well).

Well, I’ve decided that the best way to get to know Adepticon, therefore, is to fully embrace Adepticon in the same capacity. So tomorrow, I’ll be arriving quite early and attending a seminar on Terrain Casting at 10:00. Then I’m going to meet up with Ref Pitmann and we are going to lunch and then peruse the convention in general. At 5:30 I’m attending another seminar on Green Stuff (which I need desperately –I have high hopes fro this one). If the clock permits, I might also attend a seminar Sunday on Airbrushing, but this one is looking rather improbable at the moment. Alas.

I mentioned earlier that you’ll be able to recognize me as the bald guy with glasses. I should have said, as the bald guy with glasses and this t-shirt.

Not bad, eh? If you’d like one of your own, all you need do is approach me at the convention and say hello. It’s that easy sometimes. I have about 10 extras, and I’ll be happy to shed them to whomever so desires. So don’t be shy.

I hope to see you there.

p.s. a question to you vets: is there open gaming at Adepticon? If so, anyone fancy a spin between 12:00-5:30 tomorrow?

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