Monday, March 1, 2010

Battle Report II, part one: The Board is Set...

Onorevoli v. Iron Warriors, once more.

An unexpected window of opportunity opened this weekend, and the Honorable Referee Pitmann was conveniently on hand to pop round for an early throw down before the in-laws came by for dinner. And so, the Onorevoli got to test their collective mettle once more against Pitmann’s Iron Warriors. I was distinctly eager to see my boys get on the table again after the unfortunate results of their first outing, particularly as I didn’t want them sitting too long on that defeat. It’s not good for morale.

For those of you wondering at home, it always is (and always has been) the Iron Warriors with the Ref. He started 40K about 10 years ago and he’s never even peeked at another army since. He is very loyal to his traitors. By my way of thinking, that takes a tremendous amount of resolve. Full marks for consistency. Currently, he can field a solid 4000 points of IW if he so chooses (and I suspect that he could inflate that number a bit by plumping out a few characters or units with a bit of cheese). I should also mention that the aesthetic elements of the hobby are particularly compelling for both of us, so that 4000pts is painted to quite a high standard. It’s always a pleasure to play against his army.

As with the previous battle report, I will discuss the armies, points, and deployment here, and then go into the turn-by-turn sequence in tomorrow’s post. This weekend was pretty bleak, so many of the photos didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped, but I think I’ve still managed a solid batch that should help tell the story of the day.

The initial details:

Capture and Control / Spearhead (yep. Spearhead again. I think we’re all looking forward to the new Battle Missions expansion)
Today we both came in around 1950pts –give or take.

The Onorevoli
Librarian One (Terminator, Storm Shield, Avenger)
Librarian Two (Terminator, Combi-Melta, Avenger)
5 Tactical Marines with Rhino (Plasma Pistol and Power Fist)
5 Scouts (Heavy Bolter)
10 Scouts (Sniper, Missile Launcher, and Telion)
3 Scout Bikers (Grenade Launchers)
Devestators (x4Lascannons)
Land Raider Crusader

In Reserve:
Venerable Dread with Melta and Drop Pod
5 Terminators (Autocannon, Chain Fist)

I went first, and set up rather defensively with an otherwise immobile Telion and Snipers sitting on my Objective. This was going to be a difficult mission for me on considering that I don’t really have the punchy troops necessary to either arrive or hold those objectives. Moreover, my chances weaken even moreso when I need to split my forces between opposite ends of the table. For that reason, I placed my objective in a reasonably forward position figuring that Pitmann’s innate speed meant that he was always going to be able to reach my objective wherever I placed it, and that this setup would, at least, give me a better chance of keeping all my players in the game, so to speak.

As ever, I was expecting very fast and aggressive play from the IW. My plan was to once again drop the Ven.Dred on his starting line and either slow or otherwise hamstring his rush. With the Raptors, I was a bit nervous, but again I hoped to isolate and dismantle his force in a piecemeal fashion. Experience has taught me to be particularly fearful of the Berzerkers, and I think this preoccupation may hurt me from time to time –but more on that tomorrow.

Finally, my Scouts and Bikers were designed to help settle my Terminators where they were needed most. Furthermore, I had a very crafty idea about my Bikers contesting his objective very late in the game (perhaps with help from the Terminators) in order to steal a late win, -a plan which was inspired by the master of the craft, Fritz at Way of Saim Hann. We’ll see how that worked out as well…

The Iron Warriors:
2 squads of 10 Chaos Space Marines (Chaos Glory, 2 plasma, Plasma Pistol and Power Fist)
2 squads of 10 Berzerkers each with a Rhino
10 Raptors with 2 Melta and Claws

In Reserve:
Daemon Prince (Khorne, Wings)
3 Obliterators

Pitmann prepared to split his forces -with the Berzerker rush set to charge the north end of the table, and with the Raptors ready to charge down the south and west corner (from my point of view). Last year, Pitmann got stung in an objective-based matchup when he got caught out in the last turn of the game with no troop choices left to claim a much-needed objective. I wasn’t, therefore, surprised to see two units of CSM loitering on a smoke break in front of his objective. I didn’t expect to see them move too much, as he had ample other opportunities (Berzerkers, Raptors, Deep Striking Daemon, and Oblits) both to contest and potentially to claim my objective. As it turns out, those two units of basic CSM would end up offering some really quite tremendous highs and lows this game.

Finally, I was quite surprised to see the Defiler make an appearance. Once favored by the Ref, I’ve noticed that the humble Defiler has fallen out of favor a bit. I was doubly surprised to see him park it quite literally on top of his objective. This was going to be tricky.

The Battle itself follows tomorrow…

Post Script: Oni has asked where the objective markers come from, pictured both here and in the photo of my own deployment. They're from Micro Art Studio in Poland, and they've quickly become favorites around here.


oni said...

Very nice report.

I'm curious about that last picture and where the objective marker came from.

Gotthammer said...

They're Micro Art markers (you can see an Imperial one in the background too).

Looks like a tough setup by the Iron Warriors, looking forward to hearing how the battle went.

Brian said...

Yep. Goth nailed it. I've added a post-script and link to the bottom of this post to help. I'm really quite pleased with the product.