Friday, March 26, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: The First and The Fateful

Here they are, my newest and most important squad of Arrugginiti as they approach completion. You will, of course, note that they’ve adopted Blood Angels Red as a sinister taunt toward their loathed enemy. Of course, there’s a story to this. They way we’ve thought this through so far, I’ve imagined this squad (known among rivals as The Fateful) as having become a crucial hinge in the antagonism between Templar’s Blood Angels 5th Company and my nefarious Arrugginiti. In fact, this squad participated in an egregious affront to the 5th company, which has been fundamental to the entire affair.

In short, several squads of 5th company regulars were dispatched to recover a purportedly valuable Relic that they had otherwise thought lost to time and all consideration. The Blood Angels presumed (wrongly) that, having been nearly lost from all knowing, their precious artifact had gone unnoticed by any other party concerned. Its collection, they supposed, would best be accomplished by a small, stealthy detachment that would not broadcast their intentions, or the object's value, too widely. But the universe is grand, and the malice therein unwavering. The few squads dispatched to collect their precious artifact crept unknowingly into a vicious Arrugginiti vice, and were themselves suddenly and almost entirely dispatched.

…almost entirely. The lone survivor told a horrible tale of the brutal efficiency and the vulgar capacity of the previous unknown Arrugginiti, who appeared as if from the ether itself and whose filth and loathing stank like sin, leaving an acidic metal taste in the mouth. Although unfocused and notably distraught, the survivor described two things with certainty: the unfettered malice of a Daemon Prince, as revelrous as he was vulgar, with dreadful hands pawing at the Angels’ Sacred Relic, and a horrific squad of Arrugginiti who stood out from the brief and one-sided turmoil for their eagerness to collect heads.

The Fateful Arrugginiti distinguished themselves, then, in this hasty confrontation as trophy takers. They were as interested in collecting pieces from the embattled Angels were in retrieving their relic. The Fateful took helmets, badges, seals, and most lamentably, the detachment’s sacred banner –which had been brought to honor the re-collection of the Blood Angels’ lost treasure. For these dreadful crimes, The Fateful have been marked for the bitterest revenge.

Knowing that they, themselves, have been identified for the Emperor’s retribution, The Fateful have embraced the role as its own badge of glory and unmitigated honor. They have adorned their armor with the color red to celebrate, and they carry the skulls they took that day (among others they’ve collected since) decrepitly into battle.

For Templar's take on the action click here.

Indeed. Dark Templar’s Red Recipe has been working a treat. As mentioned, my past attempts at red have always turned out either muddy or orange. By comparison, I’m really quite pleased with the way these have turned out. Equally so, I’m pleased with the way the red complements and actually enhances the Rust and Black theme throughout this squad. I was concerned that the color might be too close to the orange-ish palate and that it might tend to dull both as a result. I never should have worried. This red is both sufficiently vibrant and crisp to stand out rather distinctly from the browns and oranges elsewhere on the model. Moreover, I feel that it really adds some menace to these guys, who look entirely more evil than my other squad. Result!!!

I had the opportunity for an extended conversation with Scottish Keith from GW at Games Day last year, and one thing he repeated to me like a mantra was the word “contrast” –working from the darkest shades to the brightest even in really tight areas. At some level, I understood what he was saying, but it was much simpler for me in theory than it has been in practice. Moreover, that’s been particularly challenging for me with a color like red.

Having said that, I feel that the capes here really make a decent representation of that principle in action. I’m really pleased with them, and feel that they look sufficiently evil while also exploring the full possibility of this color red.

I would like to take a moment to re-iterate that these guys look menacing and tough.

I’d hazard that the squad is currently about 75-80% finished, but all the really challenging pieces are left: some work on the eyes, the meltaguns, some small detailing on the boltguns, the stray helmet on the turf, etc. You’ll also notice, for example, that the Aspiring Champion is nowhere to be seen. Ahem. He’s being re-worked in his entirety.

And in particular, I’ve been eyeing that banner with a mix of eager anticipation and modest reservation. There’s a lot to paint, and this time I intend to bring a bit of method to the madness rather than just wing it and hope for the best. Specifically, I would like to attempt a “stenciling” technique that I promise to document as we go forward.

Finally, the Rhino –what’s a squad full of melta if it doesn’t have Rhino to get it up amongst the opposition? I mentioned “winging it” above. That’s what happened here. All in all, I’m pleased, but I’ve been learning slowly, slowly. I am pleased, however, with the interior detailing. Yes. I’m that guy (or at least I’ve become him recently).

And one more photo, if only because he's my personal favorite...

Oh, and one final note: apparently, the Arrugginiti magics have already begun to work their sinister purposes on the Emperor's unfortunates. muah.


Dverning said...

If it makes you feel any better, I don't have a single Rhino that doesn't have the interior painted...

Cheers on a great looking squad. The red capes really have a nice depth to them!

Max said...

Yeah, second Dverning's comment- the capes are amazing! And good job in general.

HOTpanda said...

I cannot wait to get home for Afghanistan so I can work on my CSM army, Company of the Shadow. You have given me the inspiration to repaint all them. Thank you.

Big Jim said...

I love what you have done with the rust colored scheme! These are really fantastic looking Chaos Marines.


Brian said...

@Dverning. Thank you, and I am envious. I am a recent convert to the thinking that interiors should be painted as well.

@Max. Cheers mate.

@Panda. Hurry back. Looking forward to the pics.

@ Jim. Thanks. If you click on "recipes" on the right, you'll find all the techniques I've used on these CSM -all except for Dark Templar's red, which has a link therein.

Thanks all for stopping by, and for the support. Cheers.

robinoc said...

Great looking CSM army. What makes the army stand out is its theme and background story. Separates the force from generic forces plopped on the table. Well done.

Rabidchild said...

I love the rust effect on both the marines and their vehicle. Reading the recent BL novel Soul Hunter inspired me to paint some worn and rusted Night Lords, so I admire the rough look of your foot-soldiers. Thanks very much for the rust tutorial, I may just have to use that.

Brian said...

Thanks Robin. Funnily enough, Ron at FTW posted on this exact topic just today.

Thanks also to Rabid. Please let me know how the rust method works for you if you use it. Any and all practical feedback would be most welcome and greatly appreciated.


Sidney Roundwood said...

Wow....awesome CSMs, awesome fluff and wonderful grimy, industrial, rusted, defiled feel to the models. Everything from the skelton on the standard through the shoulder pads to the boots screams corruption. Lovely.