Monday, March 15, 2010

A New Direction: Blood Angels and Dark Templar

INTRODUCTIONS: In all likelihood, you already know Dark Templar, but if you don’t please let me introduce him:
Internets, Dark Templar.
Dark Templar, Internets.

I initially came to admire Templar’s site a while back because he is a dedicated Iron Warriors enthusiast -much like our own Honorable Referee Pitmann here in Chicago (one of Pitmann's ubiquitous squads pictured here). I was hoping, perhaps, that Templar could offer some small insight into the IW mind. What I found was so much more.

Dark Templar’s conversions are top-notch and his modeling instincts have become something of an inspiration to me. Often, his conversions are straightforward and meaningful: here’s an example of one of my favorite Iron Warriors that Templar has bitzed up. (I should note that a very, very sharp observer may have spotted an almost identical reflection in several of my figures from yesterday’s post. If you haven’t spotted it yet, never fear, but keep this figure in mind for posts when my Arrugginiti squad matures…). For me, that’s how inspiration works. And it’s a fine example of how all of this blogging malarkey has really taken a life of its own, well and truly beyond what I’d imagined when I first started just over one month ago.

Well. Back to the plot. As I finished several of my long-neglected Space Hulk Terminators (pictured here), I noted with some considerable interest that Dark Templar had shifted from his Iron Warriors recently and began working on some very fine Blood Angels from the AoBR set. While fighting the same compulsion, I’ve watched with curiosity as he seems to have caught the BA bug, and a few of his recent additions beyond AoBR would suggest a nascent case of Red Thirst… perhaps?

I have to give Dark Templar full credit here. His move from IW to BA gave me an idea while my own site was just starting, and while I was also beginning work on a new Daemon Prince for the Arrugginiti –a Daemon Prince whom I decided should flick his monstrous chin at the Blood Angels and the excitement surrounding them.

And there it was -from IW to BA. I like to direct significant (perhaps debilitating) amounts of attention in my armies toward strong narrative elements for inspiration, certainly, but also for my own interest in models that are somehow more dynamic, more compelling, and more alive. Dark Templar had served up the inspiration that I was looking for, and this reasoning lends itself to his aesthetic, by my way of thinking anyway, perfectly.

Gentlemen’s Agreement: And so, Dark Templar and I spent some time over the last week or so ago, peeling back the possibilities, cooking up some potential plot lines, and generally exploring some modeling opportunities, as the fervor surrounding the new Blood Angels release really begins to acquire some momentum. And as the rivalry grows between Templar’s Fifth Company of Blood Angels, and the Warp-twisted Arrugginiti, you –the reader- can expect regular updates on the form, the content, and the fate of this bitter, bloody feud.

There it is. My small but growing band of CSMs have found direction at long last -after wallowing in the Warp for months and months (or has it been centuries and centuries?). My rust marines are no longer simply Iron Warriors gone creaky. Now they have an enemy, a malignant ire, and a truly pestilent purpose. I expect grand and desperate things to follow…

It’s amazing to me where inspiration appears sometimes.

p.s. I also highly recommend that you check out Dark Templar's amazing Deathwing prize drawing.

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