Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A New Direction: Gentlemen’s Agreement

OK. So. Yesterday I outlined how Dark Templar helped me find a whole new form of inspiration for my Arrugginiti. As importantly, I mentioned how Dark Templar and I have entered into an exchange of ideas as well as a brilliant bit of trans-Atlantic banter, which has manifest in a rivalrous history between my Arrugginiti CSM and Templar’s Blood Angels Fifth Company (Behold, the power of the internets!!!).

With this in mind, each of us has set out an ambitious modeling agenda that directly references the other half of the rivalry. For my part, I have set myself the task of one squad of Terminators, one dramatically appropriate Independent Character, along with what’s left to finish on my WIP squad from yesterday (…as well as one other treat on Friday that more regular followers of the blog may be wondering about). Each of these projects will be a direct response to a few of the principles and recipes that Templar has been cooking up. Namely:

-The Arrugginiti will reference, at every reasonable and worthwhile opportunity (and perhaps at the odd unreasonable and utterly frivolous opportunity), the Blood Angels and the malicious contempt that my CSM reserve for these awkward servants of the false Emperor. This last bit has been expanding almost exponentially of late, and has really started to take an impressive shape. More soon on this point.

-I’ve expressed several times recently that I’ve never quite been satisfied with my approach to the color Red. For that reason, I am going to adopt and to experiment with Dark Templar’s recipe for Red, which you can find here, and which I also encourage you to experiment with if you have the opportunity. To the left here, I’ve included an image of a test model that I did some time ago that I feel demonstrates the "grotty" nature of the reds I've produced in the past (and not always deliberately). I also feel that my past encounters with red don't quite work alongside my more established Arrugginiti recipes. In all, this model fell a bit flat somehow, particularly in terms of the red that was meant to really make him stand out and, thus, I have high hopes that I’ll be able to improve on this with some proper direction and more regular practice.

-Finally, Templar has a very clear aesthetic that runs throughout his sire (one which I find rather inspirational from a modeling standpoint) with regard to the dynamic and evocative position of his models. I really like this approach, and intend to adopt it where I may for the upcoming sequence of models, and beyond. On this last point, I am not only thinking about future projects, but also re-thinking the relatively stagnant pose of models like this one -who, despite the wings, looks entirely too steady and earthbound. hmmmm. ideas ideas ideas.

All in all, this exchange has already been tremendous fun… and we haven’t even officially started yet. That happens Friday. So stay tuned.


HOTpanda said...

I was never fully satisfied with my original paint scheme for my Nurgle CSM army; Betrayers of Pain paint scheme, green and purple. Cause of this I have renamed my renegades to Company of the Shadow; a white and black paint scheme. Your army has given me great inspiration in the direction of my secondary colours. The Champion in the first pic in this post being one of those sources. The white for the skull is outstanding. Even though it is something that I can steal for my models due to the white and black paint scheme I can use my secondary colour, purple, to pop in the same fashion. Thanks for the inspiration. Now only if I new what colour to paint my fungus?

Brian said...

Thanks Panda. As you will have gathered by these last three posts, I'm all about the exchange of ideas. It's the best part of this whole blogging business. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

In that spirit, on Thursday I'll be putting up all the color recipes for the Arrugginiti in one, grand batch.

HOTpanda said...

Sweet, looking forward to the rust recipe as I want and have given all my bolters, close combat weapons and tank treads a rusted look.

Hands down this is my favorite 40k BLOG; great format, well formulated writing and killer models. Plus its a CHAOS blog, what is not to like.

Warhammer39999 said...

This kind of thing is exactly why blogging interests me. Developing friendships that proximity would've previously deemed impossible.

You do realize that if the feud persists, you're morally obliged to fly over and challenge him to a game or two... right?

Brian said...

Thanks again for your support. I'm really quite pleased that you are enjoying the blog as much as I am.

oh, and 39.9K -in our discussions of this grand adventure, we have at least mentioned the possibility of a trans-atlantic showdown; having said that, I don't expect that would happen any time soon, if ever. Still, it remains at least a remote possibility.

Alexander Man said...

My first visit here! You have amazing stuff in your blog. And you are a great painter. Really inspiring stuff... I´ll be back :)

Brian said...

Thanks Alexander. I've not had much time to really take a close look, but I really like your blog as well. Excellent minis. And SQUATS!!! that's just amazing.