Thursday, March 18, 2010

A New Direction: an Open Invitation

First, check out Dark Templar’s Rhino WIP. Great stuff.

As mentioned Tuesday, I intend to pick up several elements of Dark Templar’s creative aesthetic (his recipe for the color red, and his approach to dynamic modeling in particular) and fold that in to my own peculiar style. For his part, Dark Templar is adding to the mayhem by picking up elements of my CSM army and work them into the narrative of his own models.

At this point, I think it worthwhile to invite any of you to do the same. Please understand, I’m not suggesting that what follows is exceptional nor in any way how you should paint your models. Quite the contrary. I’d simply like to acknowledge how much fun I’ve been having with this blog the past month or so, and also to acknowledge how much I’ve taken from various sites that I’ve come to follow. Dark Templar is just one particularly inspiring example. In that spirit, then, I’d like to share what makes my Arrugginiti tick, visually speaking.

RUST RECIPE: It's largely a Foundation affair. I prime the model black and then base the entire model in Scorched Brown. This is followed by stippled layers of Dark Flesh (generous), then Macharius Solar Orange (less so), then Tauspet Ocre, and finally a scarce stipple of Iyanden Darksun. In the past I've used a very old brush for these steps, but these days I use the same corner on a piece foam from the back of an old blister pack and work very, very hastily. I don't pause to let the layers dry between colors, giving the whole mess a peculiar, muddy effect. Once the stippling is finished and dried, I lightly drybrush Mithril Silver toward the edges. Finally, I wash the model with a very thin mix of the old Chestnut Ink and a Green/Purple Ink combination. Failing that, a wash of Sepia and then a mixed wash of Green and Purple together should have a nearly identical effect. As ever, the wash ties the colors together a little but, as importantly, it also brings some shading into the recesses of the model.

With regard to that Green and Purple mixture, the idea is to blend them somewhat so that they don't appear either too green or too purple, and the overall effect is something like a very strange, deep black -which is ideal for metals and I use something similar on all my silvers. In fact, I now never wash straight black over any silver color. This last step was inspired by Rune Nielsen, and while his site seems to have slowly gone cold this last year or so, I highly recommend a peek at his Tutorial on Metallics.

If the coloring is too muted after the wash, I go back with a very dry brush of Mithril again to bring the edges forward –very, very light at this point.

TURQUOISE-ISH ACCENT COLOR: I have come to use the same color with different levels of highlighting for all my accent color opportunities on the Arrugginiti. For me, this same color represents plasma, tongues, eyes, power cables, basically any point on a model that offers an opportunity to bring in a contrasting color. Without getting too “color theory” on you, the turquoise is far enough away from the orange visually speaking that both colors look a bit more vibrant and dynamic when placed next to one another. Well, for this color I work from Scaly Green to Hawk Turquoise with a bit of Bleached Bone added for the final highlight (I vary the intensity of these depending: for a tongue and for plasma, I go a bit brighter. For something like a power cable, I remain a bit more muted). I then cover it all with another generous wash of Devlan Mud. This step brightens the model up and pulls it together a bit, in my opinion, without letting it get too vivid.

GREEN ACCENT COLOR AND BASES: I tend to try and use the same basic, neutral color for all the models in any given force. My theory is that even if the colors tend to look a bit different from one squad to the next (if I want to experiment, or otherwise abandon my formula), the bases will help keep the force visually coherent. At times, I also bring this color into the actual models, which can best be seen on my Typhus here. The fur on the back of the cloak and the base (again, as with all the bases in this army) were painted from Charadon Granite through to Knarloc and then Gretchin Green, with very small highlights of Tausept and Iyanden. If necessary, I then give these a quick was with either Sepia or Devlan depending on how much shade needs to be brought back into the folds. You can also find this color on details like the SM helmet on the plasma sergeant’s banner pole, etc pictured Tuesday.

FLESH COLOR (SUMMONED DAEMONS): I began by basing all of these guys with Chardon Granite and highlighting with a loaded drybrush from Adeptus Battlegrey toward Dheneb Stone. Once that was set, I washed them generously first with Ogryn Flesh, and then again with Devlan Mud. The Dheneb Stone picks up the warm skin tones of the Ogryn wash nicely, and the Devlan Mud takes care of smoothing (smooving?) the layers and adding depth to the shaded areas. Once dry, I went back and very gently picked up a few small highlights with diluted bit of Dheneb Stone.

And there you have it. These four recipes cover very nearly every single color that you are likely to see on my Arrugginiti. I’d be curious to hear how this works out for you and, as importantly, to see the results of your experiments!


HOTpanda said...

I truely hope you don;t mind me borrowing your rust scheme for my Nurgle CSM army on both their weapons and vehciles. This post in my mind is the number one post of week from the entire FTW community.

I will also be adapting some of your recipes to my Nurgle Devote Imperial Guard, traitors of course. Thanks for the recipes.

Brian said...

By all means, I absolutely want you to try these recipes, and to adapt them, and to improve them.

I'd also love to see the results of what you come up with.

Thanks for your kinds words. I look forward to hearing about how these ideas work out.

HOTpanda said...

Right now I am away from home but when I get back at the beginning of May I will be trying out the rust scheme on my Chosen Chaos Space Marines,aka The "Forsaken". I always wanted them to have a different colour scheme then the rest of my army yet blend in. I plan on blending them in by using the rust on my other marines weapons. Thank you for the inspiration.