Friday, April 9, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: The Aspirant Angel

Two weeks ago, I introduced the Fateful –a squad of Chaos Space Marines that played a particularly gruesome (and I would argue commendable) role in the ambush of an elite detachment of Blood Angels from the 5th Company as that detachment attempted the stealth recovery of a lost relic (you can find the Blood Angels' initial action report here).

In that action, The Arrugginiti revealed that they had seemingly come into possession of The Chalice of Saintly Healing, which they grotesquely used as bait for the unwitting Blood Angels, and through the ambush added insult to the injury with the subsequent capture of the Banner Encarmine. It was as dark a day for the Blood Angels as it was revelatory for the Arrugginiti …and the squad that call themselves The Fateful in particular, who demonstrated their vicious adversarial potential as horrific trophy-takers.

Of course, the offense does not stop there. Brother Fractus, the perhaps inexplicably lone Blood Angel survivor from the engagement, has since reported that the Aspiring Champion from the Fateful was, at that time, beginning to show signs of a terrible mutation. This, in and of itself, was nothing remarkable for the devotees of Chaos; however, this particular Aspirant was demonstrating the kind of mutation that seemed peculiar to the distraught son of Sanguinius.

The Aspirant had grown wings –foul, corrupted, pestilent wings -a dark mockery of Sanguinius himself.

Had the Arruggniti deciphered a profound secret from the Chalice of Saintly Healing? Had they used in it some perverse heretical rite? Could this explain the Aspirant’s foul echo of the Emperor’s beloved Angel? Oh, the Horror!

We shall see.

As suggested above, this model was meant to be the Aspiring Champion for the Fateful squad, but I feel that his role might be growing as the story evolves. Indeed, he's already undergone more than one mutation... for my first go at it, I had positioned him like this:

Ahem. Not long after gluing the Aspiring Champion to his base, I stumbled across a post from Dark Templar (who soon became the Arrugginiti arch-nemesis in this whole endeavor) about dynamism in GW figures. Although I’d never articulated it as such, I’ve intuitively felt that this is something worth taking to heart and, as a relevant part of this grand experiment, I have consciously and deliberately tried to embrace that philosophy to its full potential. As such, I reworked that flatfooted Aspirant, and found instead the (I believe) much more compelling figure that you see today.

Of course, he's not done yet. I never quite meet my own deadlines. I still need to touch up the details on his melta, paint the energy on his power sword, touch up the wings (as with a few other minor details), and finish the skull on his cloak. Doesn't sound like much, but I'm sure it will eat up some time...

See you Sunday.

(please ignore my oafish fingers in this photo. It's inexcusable. I know. But I liked the photo too much not to include it, mostly because it definitively shows the "X" axis of the model...)


Dverning said...

I'll confess, what distracted me the most was looking at the nice work on his base. I really like what you've done on it. The overall is just top-notch and really makes me want to go paint and sculpt. Great work!

Brian said...

hahaha. I had the same feeling about the base while I was finishing him. I usually leave the base until the end, but this one was worked up from the very beginning. It kind of took me by surprise. Also, this is my first genuinely ambitious bash at gemstones. I'm reasonably happy with the way that's turned out.

I'm looking forward to what you come up with.


jabberjabber said...

I really like the dynamism in the pose of the miniature. To me, it suggests he in just coming in to land and blast apart someone / thing with the melta-gun. Nice job!

Brian said...

Thanks Jabber. I thought about him landing as well, although I have the sense that he's doing it poorly -like he's not quite accustomed to those new wings yet. ha.