Friday, April 30, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: New Blood

After the Blood Angel’s misbegotten attempt to recover Sanguinary High Priest Vassar’s lost relic, in which the Arrugginiti laid their wretched claim to both the Chalice of Saintly Healing and the Banner Encarmine, the Blood Angels were stunned and reeling with grief from the base terror of their loss, and from the nauseating obscenity of the thought that these objects were in the vulgar clutch of Chaos mitts. They came from seemingly nowhere, the Arrugginiti, from the impenetrable substance of the warp itself perhaps, and immediately after the ambush they flung themselves to action throughout the breadth of the system. Although these subsequent engagements were relatively minor in scale and brief, they were nonetheless numerous and stinging -like a fog of hornets. And while the purpose of these small battles remained troublingly elusive, unlike the calamity of Vassar’s Chalice, the Blood Angels were incensed to the point of blind fury at the wanton gall and the incessant arrogance of Arrugginiti antagonism.

To be sure, there have been some bright moments of the Blood Angels. Although reports are still percolating through administrative filters, for his part, Brother Fractus -the sole survivor from that horrible initial encounter- appears to have imposed himself upon the newfound Arrugginiti nemesis with a single-minded, righteous fervor.

Again, while the Blood Angels losses were not egregious in either personnel or reliquaries in these subsequent engagements, the effect was nevertheless oddly enlightening, provocative, and still somehow maddeningly obscure. Who were these grotesques that appeared without even so much as a whisper through the ages? What did they know, and for what vulgar purpose had they deposed Blood Angel relics?

The answers to these questions and more remained elusive.

And yet, unbidden, the Blood Angels were beginning to feel that they were coming to familiar grips with this mysterious enemy. Figures were emerging through the haze, personalities clarified and defined. Some particulars were vague, granted, but squads like The Fateful stood out for their bloody-minded belligerence, and were immediately recognizable targets for Blood Angels ire. Oh, for the opportunity to meet them once more. Blood Angels’ hackles lept at the mere thought.

Others figures, though prominent and recognizable, remained also notably more elusive. Who, for example, was the ham-fisted Terminator Champion with the vicious, daemonic weapon that had been spotted wrecking mayhem among the ranks of the put-upon 5th Company? And what roll exactly did this prominent but previously unknown figure play in the Arrugginiti machinations -he who had already taken such a savage toll in Blood Angel trophies?

The Blood Angels 5th both dreaded and dearly desired the coming confrontations, for their fallen brothers, for vengeance, for justice, for the Emperor, for their wounded pride, and their history, for their honor, for the unspeakable offenses.

… and for the answers to these maddening riddles.

True to form, this guy is not quite finished yet (it would be a shame were I to actually post a mini that's 100% completed). I'm not sure what direction to take his banner. The Arrugginiti already sport two Blood Angels inspired banners, and I thought perhaps this might be a good opportunity to paint one for old Nurgle; We shall see.

Well. Needless to say, there are some tremendously big things in store for any/all that have been following Dark Templar and I as we engage in this bold, transatlantic endeavor, very big things indeed. In fact, I’d hazard to say that we’ve really only just started.


Grizzled Gamer said...

I really like the model. If I could give you any recommendations it would be to make it a Nurgle inspired banner.
Now, I am not an artist - but you appear to be - so why not make it a Nurgle-ized Blood Angel Banner.

Just a thought.

Dverning said...

What might be interesting to see is a loyalist banner that's starting to be warped by the powers of chaos... or a chaos banner deliberately styled off a loyalist look.

Something to really tweak the Loyalists into further mistakes and fury. Something that implies that they are merely misguided sons that have yet to see the greater truth of the universe and false emperor.

For example, Sanguinus kneeling before the gold-aura figure of a benevolent Papa Nurgle. Or Sanguinus in glory, half white winged and pure red armour... half skeleton winged and Arruginti armour. Just to throw some ideas out there.

Rabidchild said...

True to form you've painted the rusted sword brilliantly. The whole model really hangs together well. The metal shield and banner is a nice touch, as are the Blood Angel additions.

I'd like to see something clean and bright on him for contrast. Maybe paint the trophy helmet with the wing as if it was fresh; bright red with white wings.

For the banner, maybe it could be a corpse shroud. The bloody outline of a body on linen would work both as a trophy and with a creepy nurgle feel.

I love these posts, keep it up!

HOTpanda said...

A rotting set of blood angel wings perhaps...whatever you end up doing though I'm sure it will blow us all away. Model looks great. I like how there is something pulling me in on so many different angles.

I have to say that I am extremely jealous of your Hailed vs Hatred. I would love to find someone who like to do one with my Traitor Wolves that I am working on.

Brian said...

@ Mags. Thanks. There's an "I'm not an artist; I just play one on tv" joke here that I refuse to make. One vote for Nurgle (with BA influence). I like it.

@ Dverning. Two awesome ideas. I think the Sanguinius kneeling one might be a bit challenging for me, but would be totally amazing if I could ever find a way to pull it off.

The half-skeleton idea is really, really cool. I'm going to try and sketch that out and see if I could make it work.

@ Rabid. Corpse shroud! wow. thank would be really cool. I've got to have a nice, long think about how I could make that work. If not on this guy, then certainly down the road somewhere.

@ Panda. thanks. So are you officially back in (hobby related) action? The Traitor Wolves sound very cool. Let me know, maybe we can work out a smaller collaboration.

Secundus said...

Lovely stuff, you're a real craftsman! While I'm typing I'm also looking at the Tyranid below, quite amazing work.

Brian said...

@ Secundus. Cheers mate. You may be interested to know that I'm also dabbling a bit with a Roman army, and pleased to know that I've taken considerable inspiration from your own work on that end.

Brian said...

oops, meant to attach this link to some Romans.