Friday, April 16, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: Objectives and more

Black Matt, over at Black Matt’s Black Legion Blog, recently sold off some of his miscellaneous flotsam in order to make room for his impending good news. Having recently gone through the same experience (my boy was born in October), I was all too happy to help where I could. (Thanks Matt –and get your sleep in now). Obviously, having depleted my hobby stock before the arrival, I'm now quite keen to fill the shelves once more. So it goes.

Among some other odds and ends, I was keen to pick up these objective markers and, well, I’m not sure what they are meant to be for exactly –Cities of Death Strategems(?). Nevermind. Quite literally as soon as I had them out of the box, I’d put glue to resin and based them. Minutes after that was dry, they were primed and ready to go. Perhaps I’m not alone here, but I get a bit carried away like that when an exciting new project arrests my attention.

The mine piece (left) I intend to use as a marker for my Onorevoli Scout Bikers because they get to booby trap a piece of terrain before each game. The actually booby trap (bottom -with BA head as bait) fits more appropriately with the kind of antics my Arrugginiti would likely perform. Quite obviously, I’d say the same for the fallen brother (right). And then that last piece (top), again, I’m not really to sure what it’s meant to be –Ork skulls and a bit of imperial metal sheeting. I have no idea what this will be used for, but I liked it enough to give that imperial metal sheeting the Arrugginiti rust treatment.

So let’s concentrate on the two most relevant pieces. The head-and-booby-trap piece echoes some of the trophies that I’ve placed among a few of my Troops from The Fateful squad. It will make a pleasantly nasty surprise for any Blood Angels Marine who is both eager and unfortunate enough to try and recollect some one of the trophies that the Arrugginiti have so wantonly dispatched from their previous owners (muah).

As far as an objective marker, it's perhaps not ideal. Why, for example, would my Arrugginit want to capture and hold their own booby trap? hmm. I'm not so sure. But nevertheless, it's a great piece and perfectly situated for a week in which I've spent much, much more time taking photos and typing than I have painting. Indeed, markers like these ones are ideally situated for those smaller hobby moments, and there are plenty more on hand for when I need them. Thanks again, Matt.

The fallen battle brother was particular fun for me. Dark Templar, the other half of this Hailed vs. Hated endeavor, has painted some amber and gold trim around a few of his notable characters, and I wanted this guy to evoke some of that heraldry. I’ve also just recently read (forget where, apologies, maybe the astronomicon?) that the Blood Angels 5th Company takes the Black Blood Drop as its identifying symbol. For this reason, you can just barely see that black drop on the quarter of his right knee, with the roman numeral V in the opposite quarter.

I think this is a tremendously cool piece, and the little detail on his knee says quite a lot with very, very little paint. Even cooler. While the booby trap seems perhaps odd as a marker, I've no such problems here, and almost feel that the objective was custom made for my disposition. Lovely when that happens. Moreover, he came with two companions -one of which is currently becoming a base for yet another Arrugginiti Champion. More on that soon.

I'll conclude today's post with an action shot (or two) of the Arrugginiti in the clutches of their own deprivation.

See you Sunday for WIP. Cheers.


Grizzled Gamer said...

Nice work.
It always amazes me how some people are able to get a project, stick to it and before you know it they are finished.
I really wish I could do that. My life is so chaotic with four children that I can barely find time to assemble my army.
Oh, I think I forgot to say this before, but I like the usage of Italian in the names. Arrugginiti sounds much better that rusty? My Italian is not that good.

Alexander Man said...

Awesome painting... Objective markers really brings feeling to the game! Photo art is also great. High quality stuff. Must be great to play a game in beautifully terrained table with fully painted armies... That´s where I´m aiming at :) Some day man...

Rabidchild said...

I'm constantly impressed with the quality and quantity of your postings here and your painted models. Great markers surrounded by great figures. In particular that minotaur is very nice! Any more pictures of him? What does he represent in your army?

The Dark Templar said...

Hahaha, excellent B!

I know we'd talked about doing objective markers, but these are awesome.

I've got one in mind as payback!

Unknown said...

Look pretty good! I need to put together some objectives...seen a few pop up around on the blogs to give me some ideas.

Wyatt said...

I really enjoy your posts. They are always well written which is uncommon for hobby blogs. It should be noted, however, that you don't need to mark booby trapped terrain. Just write it down on paper so the opponent is always guessing. I suppose I would want an excuse to use the trap marker as well.


Brian said...

Thanks everyone.

@ Magilla. I have to confess that it just looks this way on the internet. The simple truth is that my workspace is a disaster of half-started (half-finished) ideas and diversions. For better or for worse, I actually have a few projects on the desk at one time and at various stages deliberately. That way, I can sit down and always find something to work on regardless of the time available.

As you might guess, my wife is extremely forgiving. And it helps that we only have one little nipper, not four. I can't even imagine.

@ Alexander. Thanks. All of this is the culmination of about 10 years of work -for Pitmann's Iron Warriors in particular. The Onorevoli have been "in progress" for at least two, perhaps three. Bit by bit, we've been adding and expanding. We also really place a premium on the aesthetic end of the hobby, which is a big part of the draw with this game for both of us.

@ Rabid. Thank you very much. I've made it a personal goal to produce something rather ambitious with this blog, and I'm glad that you've been enjoying it. Cheers.

Although the Minotaur has not yet seen any action on the tabletop, he'll be a Daemon Prince when he does. You can find a bit more about him here:

...and he has a cousin that you can see a bit more of here:

I've just seem that GW will be producing WHFB trolls in the near future. I fully expect that these guys will be getting the same treatment as the Minotaurs... It never ends.

@ Templar. I can't wait to see what you've got in the pipeline.

@ Kirby. I recommend having a few objectives on the go not only for game-play, but also for those times when you need a quick project to fit a limited timetable.

@ Wyatt. Thanks. It's particularly kind of you to say that about the writing here after the volume of typos this week. ugh.

Truth be told, I just wanted to paint up the mine marker and was looking for a way to use it as a kind of post-rationalization. I think it's meant to be for Cities of Death, but I figured that I might use it in gameplay "after the fact" to note which terrain piece had been mined. Meaningless. I know, but any excuse will do.

Thanks for stopping by.

Brian said...

oh and Magilla, there's a simple explanation for the names. The wife and I lived in Italy for two years before our little guy was born. I use the Italian names as a way for me to make these armies sound a little less mundane to myself. I'm glad that arrugginiti sounds better than rusted guys to you as well.

And top marks for noticing!!! I was curious if anyone would pick up on that. Nice one. Send me an email at if you like, and I'll send you a prize.

Grizzled Gamer said...

Hurray , I win, I win.
Does it count when you win and there wasn't any "active" contest.

HOTpanda said...

The objective markers really add the HATE of the Blood Angels to your army.

I have been wondering for sometime on where you derived your armies name from. Italian awesome choice. I myself have implemented an Islamic one to my army. Glad to see I am not the only one doing this.

Roger Andersen said...

great stuff. I really love your gaming table :)

Brian said...

Thanks fellas.
@ Panda. I think it adds just a little bit to the force, but I do it as much for my own sake as anything else. I've been reading your blog, and I have to say that I dig what you've been doing with your characters.

@ Blackhat. Thank you. I very much appreciate the support.