Friday, April 2, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: You'll Never Walk Alone...

In last week’s “Hailed vs. Hated” I’d been mumbling a bit about how I was little intimidated by all the wide open real estate on the banner above. Moreover, I’m not entirely overwhelmed by my freehand efforts with this banner below for the Daemon Prince:

I like it, mind you, but I think the references could have been a bit more precise and a bit more… matured, developed, I’m not sure exactly. (By the way, I need a name for this guy. Any suggestions? …io penso che sarebbe meglio in questa lingua quel nome, ma non sono sicuro. Complimenti per quelli che la capiscono la mia ragione).

Anyway, no sooner do I start to despair about the prospect of freehanding a whole series of captured BA banners (I'd like all of the forthcoming Arrugginiti units to have one) but Jawaballs posts four life-sized Blood Angels Banners on BoLS. Amazing how that happens. Really. It is. Thanks Jawa. You pulled me straight through that slump.

Freehand work for me is wondrously time consuming, so I’ve not really made much more progress on the Hailed vs. Hated sagas. If you missed it, however, you absolutely must check out Dark Templar’s take on the action so far. Brilliant.

So, having printed out on of Jawa’s banners, I bounced over to my workspace and took a swing at some freehand work. My first attempt at the Banner was not entirely successful. I skipped the cross bones because they seemed to evoke more “pirate” than I thought the BA should; I also added the jaw to finish out the skull but, in the end, I felt that this was a mistake. It made the banner look to painterly and, worse, smiley. So I removed it.

I’m not done yet, mind you, but I’m more pleased with progress than I was a few nights ago. As mentioned, the bottom jaw is gone, and I’m much more comfortable with the flame effect. The skull itself is still a bit sketchy (from the hash marks that are the product of my painting style), but I’ll be cleaning that up once I’m 100% on all the rest of these details. I opted for one single drop of blood rather than the bloody rain of Jawa's banner, and I've also switched over to Roman Numerals rather than the decorative number in the center above the skull for spatial reasons.

Also, for some odd reason, I’ve had a hell of a time getting the whole thing to look level. My biggest problem here has to do with the two different cross bars (one on the banner itself, and one on the Mark of Nurgle), the flow of the actual banner, and the way all of this sits relative to level when the model is standing on his own. Well, I’m not too fussed, as this is only a squad-level banner.

I also painted some details on the back, which is rare for me. In all, I’d say that I would have done much better to paint the banner first and then attach it to the model. I would also have attached the Mark of Nurgle after the banner was finished. Sometimes my enthusiasm is my own worst enemy. ah well... live and learn.

With one week to go until the BA release, tension is mounting. I know that some people have mentioned that they were going to try a few of the recipes that Dark Templar and I have posted. Please let us know how that works out. Moreover, if you are at all interested in the getting in on the action a bit more ambitiously, please feel free to contact either one of us. It’s been great fun so far, and we’re only getting started.


Grizzled Gamer said...

Fantastic banner.
That is excellent work. Not just the banner, but the model itself is fantastic.
Keep the pictures (and inspiration coming)

Brian said...

Thanks Magilla. I've really been enjoying this blogging business, and have a lot more in store. I'm also really looking forward to how your own Hounds of Hati come along.