Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Onorevoli: Terminator Second Squad

Yesterday, I outlined how a little visual joke that I painted to amuse myself, in turn, started me thinking about my Onorevoli as a chapter approaching peril. It was a simple supposition that led to a whole series of ideas about the fluff of the Onorevoli army, from the Iron Warrior heraldry, to the way in which they seem aged, and slightly neglected, to the complete absence of Chaplains, to the ubiquity of Librarians, and to the rather peculiar disposition of at least one of those Librarians. One visual joke opened that door and really breathed life into my thinking about this chapter.

Of course, not every squad can offer up such grandiloquent ideas. Some squads just have to tow the party line and make up the numbers. That's the case with this second squad, for whom I’ve folded some of the static plastics from AoBR into other basic plastic terminators. This way, I’ve managed two complete squads neither of which is entirely static as the AoBR (the other squad, which would be the fourth, is still on the painting table... someday).

But it's not all meat and potatoes for these guys. An improbably keen reader might notice that a simple swap of Sergeant from the first squad yesterday makes a new squad with a suspiciously similar composition to one from Space Hulk. I’m not entirely ashamed to say that this is deliberate. Both Pitmann’s Iron Warriors and my Onorevoli sport enough Terminators to field “counts as” squads when we face off for boarding actions and whatnot on the Galaxy’s flotsam and jetsam as it gurgles forth from the warp, etc. I blame Pitmann for this. He’s dreadfully superstitious -we have a gentleman’s understanding, for example, that if at all possible, I shouldn’t touch his dice for fear that my luck (or lack) might transfer to them. Anyway, we like to use even these basic opportunities to expand on the histories of our forces as they squeeze their way onto boards where they don’t even really belong. It's not that the SH termies aren't good enough for us (quite the contrary), it's just that we've both grown a bit, well, attached to our own armies...

It doesn't stop there, naturally, and you might also notice a bit more of the same from tomorrow’s post (Yep. Bonus post tomorrow).

Anyway, for this reason, the “second” squad of Terminators has seen much more action than the first, despite that the other was, well, first, and also that the first squad was the main inspiration for the Onorevoli heraldry. What started as a reasonably subtle gesture on the head of the hammer has grown into the dominant iconography of the entire squad, and you can see a bit of that heraldry (again, really just Iron Warrior black and gold striping) standing prominently on the right pauldron on these Terminators, as it now does for the rest of the Onorevoli force. You can also see it on the left arm of many of these figures, and I’m particularly fond of the “old school” feel that the power fists evoke –which is nothing more than a happy accident, really. I wish I could take credit for having also thought that one through, but I didn’t.

As I mentioned, there'll be an unscheduled post tomorrow, in order to fill out the "meet the Onorevoli" theme this week and still make room for the usual Hailed vs. Hated on Friday. Exciting stuff.


Alexander Man said...

Very cool stuff! Good poses and excellent painting job! Me likes it :)

Grizzled Gamer said...

Fantastic painting. I only wish I had a 10th of the talent you are displaying with these mini's.
You really should do a close up of the power-sword terminator as it has a great paint job on it.

Brian said...

Thanks Alexander. By the way, I haven't forgotten your question about the flocking. Soon. I promise.

Thanks Magilla. You are too kind. I plan on breaking out the camera the first sunny day we have here in Chicago. I'll make a point of taking a closer look at the power sword.


Warhammer39999 said...

Will you ever run out of content? Jeepers...

Great stuff as always!

Brian said...

hahaha. Not yet. And we've not even discussed things like WHFB, Blood Bowl, LoTR (if I'm really going to dig deep), even some Epic (although not at all up to current painting standard), and my new Romans are coming along nicely.

Fingers crossed, I hope to keep this thing going for quite a while.