Monday, April 26, 2010

Tyranid Week: Lord of the Brood

This is a reasonably dramatic departure from what we’ve seen thus far here at A Gentleman’s Ones, but I thought you might be growing slowly tired of the same three (or four) armies week in and week out. Perhaps not. But either way, this week will add something new to the mixture by reaching back and celebrating an army that I both made and shelved in 2006.

I have a mishmash of Tyranids that were summoned “on the fly” as something like the NPC for a campaign that the Ref and I engaged in one eventful summer. They were created using very, very old Space Hulk Genestealers, a few randoms that (I believe) came with an older 40K starter set, and some other odds and ends that I picked up out of interest, but which lacked focus or attention. Operating as the wild card in the campaign, the Tyranids were very much an “ad hoc” affair, which suited the random nature of the army perfectly. As the season trailed to its end, the campaign was ultimately left without much by way of conclusion, and so these guys were set aside, then boxed, then shifted to the basement.

Thankfully, for them, Space Hulk came around this summer, and the entire cadre sprung once more from the murky depths –with some fresh slathering spawn added to the brood.

Speaking of broods, the photo at top is of a guy that I currently imagine as something like a Broodlord counts as (??? I’m not so sure and am very much open to alternative suggestions). Surely, he seems quite meager in comparison to his current Space Hulk counterpart, but the game requires imagination all the same, and if I ever got these guys on a table again I’d hate to leave him behind simply for dogmatic reasons. At this point, I must admit that I’ve not actually read the new Tyranids codex, so I’m speculating really, and I suspect that I’ll continue to give this iteration of the Tyranids a pass. I’ve got enough on my plate already, thank you very much.

Still, be sure to stop by tomorrow for some very old and reasonably new gribblies.
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Grizzled Gamer said...

Sadly, the New Bug Codex does not have an entry for the old Magus. Actually, the bug dex has gotten even more bug-like with only a brief mention of Genestealers infesting hosts and producing hybrid offspring.

Still, I am glad that you were able to find a use for them with Space Hulk.

I only have one army and I am having trouble finding time for it...
...I can't imagine trying to build up two armies. Whew! The very thought makes me tired!

Brian said...


I never really "finish" an army, so I'm really knee deep in at least three at the moment. I thought I'd be done with the Onorevoli, but they need help, which means I need to paint... so it goes.

Thankfully, these Genestealers are not one of those three, although one game of Space Hulk could tip them back out onto my workspace.