Monday, May 31, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: Game On Turns 4 and 5

I meant to have this up yesterday (apologies for those that may have looked for it), but it's a holiday weekend here and I found myself with other plans on the table -none of which involved sitting in front of a computer. Well. Here is the final installment of the first Hailed vs. Hated transatlantic smackdown. What a blast.

Here you can find Dark Templar's part one, part two, and part three.
and my own part one and part two.
Otherwise, a quick review:

The Forces:

Lord Amnitolo (white) – Chaos Lord / Terminator Armor / Mark of Nurgle
Squad Decadi (yellow) – CSMx7 / Rhino
Squad Egregi (orange) – CSMx7
Squad Furrore (blue) – Raptorsx5 / Meltagun

Blood Angels:
Reclusiarch Dannen (white)
Squad Taal (blue) – Scoutx5 / Hvy Bolter
Squad Duun (green) – Scoutx5 / Missile Launch
Squad Kamor (black) – Tacticalx8 / Flamer / MeltaBombs / Combi-Melta
Rhino / Searchlight

The Blood Angels are protecting a Communication Array that is keeping them in contact with a nearby Strike Cruiser. Chaos are taunting the marines with the corpse of a dead Blood Angel and the secrets it might hold.


One more a flurry of bolter, heavy bolter, and missile fire erupted from the tree-line. Squad Decadi stooped for cover behind the Rhino, but they were not the object of the enemy’s attention. Once more, nagging black smoke began to billow from the cabin, and once more the pilots requested a moment to purge their workspace before continuing operations.

This was a costly and an untimely interruption to the plan, Lord Amnitolo thought. We need that Rhino in working order. Squad Decadi prepared to embark the moment the Rhino was back in operation. Despite the setbacks, they were eager –they were keen.

The Chaos Rhino opened its own smoke canisters as more shells bounced off its hull. The tree-line was spitting tremendous volumes of fire in a panicked bid to finish their transport. One of Decadi chuckled. Here we come, worms.

Squad Egregi continued its prolonged and indecisive struggle with the loyalists. Another Chaos Marine fell, but they were giving at least as much as they took. Sometimes more. The ground was beginning to fill with the wounded and dead. Only two of Egregi’s original seven remained, but they had blunted the Blood Angel’s assault and left three of them face down for the effort. The momentum was fading.

Hold just a bit longer, Amnitolo thought. Hold.

Behind him, Amnitolo could hear the perfectly functional loyalist Rhino as it trundled past the leechcorpse he had left in the dirt several paces behind. The Blood Angels were inching closer to their objective…

Amnitolo paused. His attention had been drifting ever so slightly; the Reclusiarch pressed forward with a furious, desperate counterattack. Amnitolo responded immediately cleaving a series of wild and brutal arcs with his decrepit scimitar, but realized too late that he had overextended himself with his aggressive gambit. The Reclusiarch spun, redirecting his crozius, and brought a truly horrific blow straight across Amnitolo’s neck. A lesser being would have been split from shoulder to hip, but Amnitolo merely gurgled and spat more ichor.

They were separated for a moment.

And then re-engaged. Amnitolo had lost all thought of skill or tactics. He was wild with fury and blind with rage, and found his mark at last. His scimitar ran clear through the Reclusiarch, and Amnitolo stared into the Reclusiarch’s eyes as they began to dim.

Amnitolo spread a wicked grin, muttering foul curses all the while.

You are finished, little one.

And just then, from some hidden depth, some unknowable reserve of desperation and despair, the Reclusiarch swung a final, gasping blow. Lord Amnitolo was utterly stunned, stepped back two paces, howled his final lamentation to Lord Nurgle, and collapsed.


Squad Decadi, bitter and crazed from the death of their lord, finally executed their initial orders. They sped forward, disembarked, and shot a series of well-coordinated rounds into the Scouts protecting the satellite relay. Two fell. But it wasn’t enough to avenge their lord, or to change the results day. It was simply carnage for carnage’s sake.

The battle was all but over.

With the two heroes broken and dead, the now lone member of Squad Egregi finally lost his nerve and fled –promising his revenge.

Squad Kamor consolidated toward their Rhino victorious but they moved with the sluggish and slumped demeanor of the exhausted. Victorious, they looked defeated. They would be carrying two heroes home today.

I really cannot emphasize enough what tremendous fun this entire caper has been. So many thanks to Dark Templar for inspiring this exchange and for organizing maps and whatnot. Simply tremendous.

Thanks also to you, the gentle reader, for your continued support. I hope you've enjoyed the posts so far. We've got more in store.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Man...

... has intervened (both here at home, and across the pond) and forced Dark Templar and I to push the final chapter of Hailed vs. Hated back to Sunday. Fingers crossed. Apologies to any that have stopped by with hopes of discovering glory, vainglory, vanity, and/or glorious gore. We promise all that and more very, very soon.

In the mean time, I saw this little nugget over at diceRolla, and thought I'd give it a spin. I'm not too sure about these results. In fact, I took the quiz twice to be certain.
D4 both times. I feel so... misunderstood.

I am a d4

Take the quiz at

You are a d4: You are bright, perceptive, and driven. You would be considered a blessing to mankind, if you didn't insist on using your powers for evil. You are devious, deceitful, doubtful, and downright dangerous. Assassins can learn a lot from you. If your fellow party members knew how rotten you were, they'd go over and join the bad guys. Justified or not, you are meticulous in your ways: A poison for every person, and a dagger for every back. Much of your day is spent scheming or plotting. The rest of your time is spent trying to convince others that you're simply misunderstood.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cavalry Biker: Fin

OK. With quite a few projects on the burner right now, and with an entire week (more really) dedicated exclusively to half-finished models, you’ve been both very patient with -and very supportive of- the amount of WIP work that I’ve been posting lately. Cheers for that. Still WIP is as WIP does, and I know there's more to this hobby than base coats and spilled paint.

So, it's finally time for a finished product.

Here is the first of seven Chaos-Plague-Cavalry-Bikers (what a mouthful). He’s done in the conventional Arrugginiti rust and red highlights. Nothing surprising there.

(Pitmann, ignore this paragraph if you are reading). As the name suggests, I fully intend to play his squad as Bikers with the mark of Nurgle. They’ll be expensive, for certain, and with tremendous movement, undeniably solid assault, Toughness 6, and two Meltas, I expect that they will be on the receiving end of some potent attention. Also, if they turbo boost, which they very well may to get those Meltas in range, they can pick up a soft 3+ cover save for good measure (I'm thinking of a new name for "turbo" as it doesn't quite work with the horses). If they're not getting shot to all bejeezus, they should be a genuinely grand presence on the tabletop... Oh, and they look cool.

The base is from Dragon Forge and, once again, I must say that I’ve had a number of truly excellent experiences with them now. I recommend. Highly.

Tune in tomorrow for the final gasps of the first transatlantic Hailed vs. Hated battle report.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: Game On Turns 2 and 3

Today we pick up turns 2 and 3 of the first encounter between Lord Amnitolo and Reclusiarch Dannen of the Blood Angel’s fifth company. For an account of the Blood Angel’s movement, shooting, and whatnot (with a distinctly BA point of view, I might add) please check out Dark Templar’s site here.

Just a quick review:
The Map as it looks at the end of Turn One:

The Forces:

Lord Amnitolo (white) – Chaos Lord / Terminator Armor / Mark of Nurgle
Squad Decadi (yellow) – CSMx7 / Rhino
Squad Egregi (orange) – CSMx7
Squad Furrore (blue) – Raptorsx5 / Meltagun

Blood Angels:
Reclusiarch Dannen (white)
Squad Taal (blue) – Scoutx5 / Hvy Bolter
Squad Duun (green) – Scoutx5 / Missile Launch
Squad Kamor (black) – Tacticalx8 / Flamer / MeltaBombs / Combi-Melta
Rhino / Searchlight

The Blood Angels are protecting a Communication Array that is keeping them in contact with a nearby Strike Cruiser. Chaos are taunting the marines with the corpse of a dead Blood Angel and the secrets it might hold.


The enemy Rhino continued its grand arc to Amnitolo’s right, swinging well wide of the leechcorpse that he’d left just a few steps behind. Amnitolo heard a dull popping noise, and a massive plume of smoke erupted from the canisters mounted in the hull. Briefly, Amnitolo lost sight of it.

Nonsense, he thought. He could feel the oppressive twist in the warp caused by the emperor’s minions, and this evasive display was unseemly.

“No need to hide, little ones.” He said, though they most certainly could not hear him. “The time for subtlety and deception has passed. Here. Come. Meet your cousin in the dirt.”

With a hand signal from Amnitolo, the Raptors behind him bounded to the front. As with the rest of his initiates, they were well trained but untested, and although otherwise contemptible and effete, Amnitolo was pleased to see the Raptors eagerly responsive at the very least to his commands. They landed just in front of Amnitolo with an aggressive thud. One of the Raptors fired his Melta wildly toward the smoke plum and the Rhino therein, but the launch had stretched his concentration thin. The superheated shot fused gravel and rock into glass meters from the obscured Rhino, and nothing more.

Give them time, Amnitolo thought.

Sqaud Egregi circled cautiously around to its left and Amnitolo strode between his forces, keeping always one eye on the precious, moldering bait.

Without warning, another missile sprang from the tree-line on Amnitolo’s left, and punched a fist sized hole in the crew compartment of Squad Decadi's Rhino. Amnitolo’s breath caught for a second, but there was no detonation. The shell was a dud. Black smoke belched from the hole, and he could hear cursing over the com-channels as the Chaos Rhino stuttered to a halt. There was no serious damage of note, but the pilots needed some moments to clear their compartment.

In those moments, the six remaining members of Squad Decadi folded out of the Rhino and ran with purpose for the cover of the building to their North.

Again, Amnitolo noted the training of the Decadi. They were now a bit closer to the enemy satellite relay, but still at too great a distance from the meat of the conflict. They were good, but Amnitolo had noted this one simple fault in nearly all the uninitiated. They put much too high a value on their own skin. To be sure, if they survived this battle, Nurgle would help them with that problem.

Blood Angels Map Top of Turn Two:

Arrugginiti Bottom of Turn Two:

ARRUGGINITI TURN THREE: (again for the BA perspective of Turn Two and the top of Turn Three, please check Dark Templar’s site here).

Gray smoke curled back on itself in a vapor vacuum as the loyalist Rhino burst from the fog that had concealed it just moments before. It was headed directly for Lord Amnitolo. With a nimbleness at least as surprising as the Blood Angel’s gambit, Amnitolo rolled to his left. And as he did so, he heard desperate shouts and smelt gusts of bitter promethium from the other side of the Rhino. Egregi was in trouble, but he was cut off.

Now on one knee and in one fluid motion, he dragged his right hand across the side of the Rhino, peeling paint as it passed. He caught the back edge and used the Rhino's momentum to swing around and back to his right. He was eager to join Egregi in the fighting. After only a few short steps, however, Amnitolo. slowed. his. pace.

Two Raptors lay dead before him. At least two others were screaming high above as their packs sent them skyward.

“Ahh. I see.” Offered Amnitolo. “Let us come to it, then.” Amnitolo pivoted to his left, dragging his cruel scimitar in the dirt behind him. It traced an arc back toward the Reclusiarch who was only just then pulling his ornamental weapon from a third Raptor’s helmet.

In the small moments it took Amnitolo to close the distance, Squad Decadi opened fire through the opening. They had repositioned themselves by the rear hatch of their Rhino, which was still spouting a thinning trail of black smoke from its control cabin.

Most of Decadi’s shots, though well aimed, ricocheted off the Reclusiarch’s armor, but Amnitolo noted that one shot seemed to have pierced an opening at the lackey’s hip. He was certain he'd seen the Reclusiarch wince. He could smell blood.

“There’s plenty more of that to be had.” He chuckled, then repeated his taunts. “Come. Join your cousin in the dirt.” Amnitolo savored the moment. “We’ve both been waiting for you.”

With that, he let loose a horrific, gurgling bellow, hefted his scimitar, and set to the stoic Reclusiarch that had turned to face him. Their first pass was brief but telling. Amnitolo turned once more to face his opponent. There was fetid ichor seeping from a long gash in his side. The Reclusiarch stumbled, blood now dripping from second opening in his armor. They were well matched, but Amnitolo had been anticipating this moment for years. For the second time that day, Amnitolo broke into the semblance of a grotesque, festering grin.

Though he did not know it yet, the loyalist was surely doomed.

Hearing their Lord’s tremendous yawp, the four remaining members of Squad Egregi pulled their knives and charged directly into the loyalists before them… though outnumbered two to one. As with their Lord, the first desperate exchange was both brief and bloody. One member of Egregi lay face down in the dirt, and in return the Chaos Marines had gutted a single loyalist puppet. The numbers were against them, but Egregi was heedless. They were savage and focused and lost in their struggle.

Blood Angels Map Top of Turn Three:

Arrugginiti Map Bottom of Turn Three:

Thanks once more to Dark Templar for creating and organizing these maps. I have no idea how he has done this. It's a mystery to me, pure and simple. And again, we sincerely hope that you are enjoying our transatlantic melee. If all goes according to plan, we'll have final turns for you on Friday.

Monday, May 24, 2010

WIP week: On the Clock, days 6 and 7

Well. It was bound to happen at some point. I missed a post yesterday. Apologies. It was the first time that I’d done so in almost four months... but with two extra posts last week and a pretty ambitious project (several actually) on the burner, I don’t feel that I’ve let the interwebs, or myself, down entirely.

Anyway. The matter at hand. If you remember, I started this whole messy affair last Monday after WH 39.9K asked a question about how many hours each week I spend on the hobby and blog. I gave him an estimate of 10 hours per week, but was forced to admit that I didn’t really have a genuine idea exactly. So I set about counting for an entire week.

And here is the result.

For the purposes of making my own life a bit easier, I skipped yesterday’s post and condensed the end of WIP week into a single post for today. So today’s post rounds out the minimal hobby activity from the weekend, and concludes this thread with no time to spare.

Friday was a day without brushes. As you will almost certainly have gathered by now, I enjoy the painting aspect of the hobby just about as much as anything, so I always feel I’ve missed out a bit if I’m not able to get a least something accomplished, no matter how minor.

But Friday was an important blog day. If you’ve not checked out Hailed vs. Hated (both here and on Dark Templar’s site) I immodestly recommend that you give it a glance. Needless to say, there was a lot to prepare, write, photograph, revise, check, and photograph again.

Still, it was tremendous fun… and there’s plenty more in store.

Hobby: 0.0 hours
Blog: 1.5 hours
(total this week 10.25)

As it turns out, Saturday was a bit more conducive to hobby activity, although still not as much as one might reasonably hope for on the weekend. I spent some time working on the “test” Cavalry Biker of Nurgle that you’ve been looking at so far in this post.

Of course, it’s a bit disingenuous to call him a test model, as I’m not really practicing any new techniques, recipes, or color schemes. Really, I’m just checking to see that the now standard Arrugginiti look will translate well to these Bikers.

Moreover, I’m generally able to work quite quickly on only one model, so it was an easy way to make some observable progress rather than diluting the effort across seven models.

So far, so good.

This last guy is a bit of a surprise that I worked up after the events of last week. I’m not telling what/who he is just yet, but regulars might be able to surmise with relative ease.

He’s actually a really, really old model that I’d had from at least five or six years ago. I’ve always been really fond of the sculpt of the figure, but never could find a proper place for him. When I picked him back up on Saturday, his left hand was empty and he didn’t actually have a right arm. Again, the events of last week quite simply filled those mental gaps for me.

So, in conclusion. Saturday:
Hobby: 1.5 hours
Blog: .5 hours

That’s really not too bad, and genuinely quite close to the estimate I made over a week ago for WH39.9K. As mentioned above, this was an extraordinarily ambitious blog week, and subsequently, I think the extra 2.25 hours might easily be attributed to the frenzy of activity surrounding Hailed vs. Hated and the additional two posts last week. So, if not exactly an "average" week, it was nevertheless one indicative of how I work and what ideas work for me. I hope you've enjoyed this, and keep an eye out in the near future (both in regular posts Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, with Hailed vs. Hated on Friday, as well as in regular WIP posts every Sunday) as this whole mess develops.

I'm beginning to fear that I've stared too long into the BA abyss and that I’ll have a Blood Angels army by the end of this as well... oh no.

Speaking of Hailed vs. Hated... Check out tomorrow's post both here and on Dark Templar's site as things start to get messy.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: GAME ON!!!

For a full briefing for the layout and disposition of the game scenario, see Dark Templar's post from today.


Lord Amnitolo spat, though his helmet was still connected. The sun had just crossed the horizon, and through the warp he could feel the loyalist presence out in the distance -hazy, indistinct, but forceful nonetheless. He could feel it like a thumbprint on his mind. Though he couldn’t place where just yet, he could feel one of the emperor's righteous, deluded champions and lackeys close by, approaching, but they were trying their utmost to conceal themselves.

Amnitolo chuckled at the thought. We’ve been on to you all along, my pathetic little leeches.

He could hear them, too. In the distance the Blood Angels were stealthily landing a muddle of patrols and reconnaissance sorties throughout this sector. They were looking, desperately searching, with as much haste as their feigned stealth would allow. Such faith. Such folly.

He walked a bit further up the valley, a distance ahead of modest warband. Two squads lumbered behind him, one alongside the cover of a Rhino, the other, behind and to his right, marched less cautiously. They were initiates, not yet blessed by our righteous father Nurgle. Still, the rabble showed promise and had thusly been divided into groupings of the holy number.

Seven. The Overlord has high expectations for this lot, Amnitolo thought. I don’t see it yet myself.

Without turning to acknowledge them, Amnitolo felt the arrival of a small band of Raptors as they emerged carefully from the hillside on his right. They were cautious too, keen to keep decent cover between themselves and the hills beyond. The arrogant sots were not at all where he wanted them, nor where they’d been instructed to muster, but he was pleased at least for their presence. He knew that this fact was the very substance of their arrogance.

“Soon,” Amnitolo gurgled. “Soon Nurgle will know them. Soon the others will be here among us.”

He paused a moment and sucked the air. He could taste the decay. Just ahead, exactly where he’d expected to find it, lay the remains of a pathetic loyalist hero.

“Here’s our sorry little leechcorpse.” Black sludge smeared his teeth as he spat again. The corpse lay moldering and abandoned.

“Here we are.”


Lord Amnitolo (white) – Chaos Lord / Terminator Armor / Mark of Nurgle
Squad Decadi (yellow) – CSMx7 / Rhino
Squad Egregi (orange) – CSMx7
Squad Furrore (blue) – Raptorsx5 / Meltagun

Blood Angels:
Reclusiarch Dannen (white)
Squad Taal (blue) – Scoutx5 / Hvy Bolter
Squad Duun (green) – Scoutx5 / Missile Launch
Squad Kamor (black) – Tacticalx8 / Flamer / MeltaBombs / Combi-Melta
Rhino / Searchlight

The Blood Angels are protecting a Communication Array that is keeping them in contact with a nearby Strike Cruiser. Chaos are taunting the marines with the corpse of a dead Blood Angel and the secrets it might hold.


Amnitolo felt the decay like a twist in his viscera. Its sweet, pungent musk sent ice up his spine and through his rotting nerves. He lost himself for a moment in the pleasure of it -eyes closed, arms outstretched. He raised his cruel scimitar to the sky.

“I can smell you, little maggots!!” he roared. “I know you’re here.”

Heavy Bolter fire erupted from the tree-line on his left. One of squad Decadi spun impossibly from the impact and did not get up. A missile corkscrewed wildly above.

And just then, he heard the heavy trundle of Rhino engines ahead. They were close, much closer than he’d imagined. The enemy was approaching at tremendous speed ahead of him and to his right. They were swinging wide of their fallen comrade.

Lord Amnitolo paced slowly across the corpse and gurgled frothy challenges and obscenities into the empty air. Even through his armor's venting, his lungs filled with motes from the Blood Angels body at his feet. He relished it. He relished the looming violence.

Behind him, his forces leapt to action. Squad Decadi scurried into their Rhino and sped westward toward those Bolters in the tree-line, panting with the thought of revenge. Squad Egregi, Bolters now raised at the ready, scurried behind him to his right. And the Raptors, those treacherous bloody and brilliant Raptors, screamed directly to his side.

End of Turn One.

And so, we've come to the opening salvo of the Hailed vs. Hated challenge. First Blood to the Blood Angels (alas), but there's plenty more to unfold before this saga ends. As Dark Templar mentioned in his half of the narration, we've got bigger ideas in store. This is just the first modest test of the waters. We hope you enjoy these early efforts as much as we have.

If you've not yet read Dark Templar's part in this, be sure to check it out now for his movement and differing perspective on the course of the action. Many thanks to Dark Templar for creating and running with this idea. Moreover, he's a genius with these maps. It's been tremendous banter thus far with plenty of promise in the works... Glorious.

WIP week: On the Clock, day 5

I was prepared to submit that yesterday was a hobby wash. I hadn’t even looked at a brush all day; however, late in the evening I found a little bit of time to pull together a relevant and necessary “re-appropriation.” After dinner, I went to the basement and pulled up some of the old models from my Book Wardens SM army that I’d shelved so long ago. Amongst those forlorn models, I found an old Rhino still reasonably intact and suitable for what I had in mind.

As you may know, today marks the beginning of the first battle between Dark Templar’s Blood Angels 5th Company, and my own growing Arrugginiti. The logistics are complicated, but after looking at some photos I’d taken earlier, I decided that my Onorevoli SM would not properly suffice as a proxy army.

Enter the Book Wardens. I’d initially conceived them as something like a BA successor chapter, so they have some red in their color scheme. The Rhino, however, was painted in the gray blue. I say “was” because the entire half hobby hour that I managed yesterday was spent making that gray mess red… and black in places.

It was a slap-dash affair, no doubt, but I’ve tried to make it only the most modest and passable of likenesses for Dark Templar’s Blood Angels Rhino. I'm sure he would not be flattered by the comparison. If time permits, I may try to improve it, but for now I’m content with how it looks in the blurry background of the battle photos. Good enough is good enough for now.

“What photos?” you ask. Stay tuned for today’s Hailed vs. Hated post.

So, what yesterday lacked in hobby time, it made up for in time on the computer, correspondence with Dark Templar, and work with photos, etc. I think that today is the first time that I will have double-posted here on A Gentleman’s Ones –at least the first time I’ve done it with any substance, surely. I can only hope that you will enjoy these as much as we have making them.

Hobby: .5 hours
Blog: 1.5 hours

Total: 8.75 hours this week

See you later today for Hailed vs. Hated!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

WIP week: On the Clock, day 4

As I predicted, hobby time was at a minimum yesterday. To be candid, I only managed the small half hour that I did because I felt obligated to accomplish at least something for the post today –I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging with just “dead air” or a test pattern or somesuch. That would be ungentlemanly.

So, in a half hour I began by blocking off their bases with Charadon Granite, primarily because I noticed them in the photos from yesterday, and because I knew it would only take a very brief moment or two.

While the Charadon was open, and while I still had a few moments to spare, I worked on the smallest areas remaining on these Raptors -their faces. I worked up from that Charadon with Dheneb Stone. When I’d just about managed a highlight of pure Dheneb, I gave all the skin areas a wash of Gryphonne Sepia. I’m hoping the Sepia tones will bring some life into the flesh while maintaining the sinister blackened appearance. I’ll still have another highlight or two before they’re completed, but that will be for another day.

And that was all I could manage. Usually, Wednesdays are a hobby free zone, a much-valued day of rest between an otherwise ambitious schedule.

Speaking of which, my hit counter went through the roof yesterday. Are Wednesdays a huge blog day and I didn’t know it? Do I need to rethink my day of rest? The only other time I posted on a Wednesday, I had a reasonably large showing (here), but I thought it had something to do with the Space Wolves. I’m vexed. Perhaps I need to reconsider my posting schedule.

And one more note on that end. There were some very kind comments yesterday about discipline and whatnot. I have to say that in days past, I would often wait for both inspiration and a very large window of opportunity to knock on my head before I really knuckled down for some proper hobby effort. As such, my projects were almost always in fits and starts (a month of mind-numbing work and then nothing for weeks and weeks), and often left abandoned if the project wasn’t finished by the time my window had closed and/or inspiration had evaporated.

I changed all that a few years back, but I must say that this blog has actually been great help in keeping me focused on the mechanics of slow, motivated, day-to-day discipline. For example, I initially imagined that Hailed vs. Hated would be a ten-week experiment and a great help sorting my inspiration and motivation for finishing the Arrugginiti (who, at that time, weren’t yet called the Arrugginiti, and who were otherwise about 25% finished, maybe less). Instead, we’ve really only just started some of the more compelling parts of the mess, and the army is expanding with very little sign of slowing down. I can’t thank Dark Templar enough for his ideas, and for helping me with this quirky little experiment.

What I’m trying to say here is the blog has been great for my hobby experience. Moreover, you, the gentle readers, have been tremendous inspiration and help. Great stuff. Thank you. I genuinely would like this blog to be something rather exceptional, and any/all comments, suggestions, requests you have to that end would be tremendously appreciated.

Hobby: .5 hours
Blog: .5 hours


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WIP Week: On the Clock, day 3

I found a very small opportunity between breakfast yesterday morning and the start of “real life,” so I was able to scramble upstairs to tidy up some odds and ends.

Because they are the priority right now, I went straight to re-highlighting the Raptors after letting the wash dry overnight. Unfortunately, I’ve completely run out of Brazen Brass somehow, and was forced to redo the highlights with an ad hoc mix of Tin Bitz, Shining Gold, and Chainmail. The mixture works fine, but I’ll now be in a tricky spot if/when I try to get additional members of the squad match perfectly. These are the risks we take, I suppose.

After the highlights, I went back with an extremely thin cover of my standard metallics wash (you can find the basic recipe here, excepting that I’ve chosen brass over gold for these models). This time, I added a little bit of Black and Scorpion Green as well after an idea in the comments section from Big Jim. Tiny amount, really, but it has helped keep the brass/bronze color from drifting too far toward either gold or silver. So once again, I found myself waiting for a layer to dry and with a little extra time.

This time, my Cavalry Bikers called for some hasty attention. There were a few oddly fitting and otherwise rough transitions between the plastic model and the resin bases from Dragon Forge that I decided to blend more subtly. Granted, it doesn’t look subtle here, but I’m confident that they will when it’s all said and done.

I began with the usual PVA glue, added sand, then shook out the excess. No big shake thus far. I then watered down the glue considerably to something like the consistency of skim milk. After a moment, I went back with this thinned mixture and laid it over the top of the sand in order to seal it together. In these photos, the glue looks a bit overwhelming, but it will dry solid and retain its sandy detail. With only the oddest of exceptions, I use this final step to lock down my sand before I apply primer. I find it an essential part of keeping the sand where I want it.

So. With two sets of models drying in one way or another, and with the clock ticking, I set my hobby aside until lunchtime when I posted about Monday’s progress.

But that’s not the end of the story. Tuesdays are generally decent hobby days for me because the wife has a regular social event in the evening. This leaves me with plenty of time around the house once the boy is down for the night.

And so, I was able to get back to the workbench last night for another hour. All the big washes and whatnot are finished on the Raptors, so I could now set about blocking, shading, and otherwise pulling out the individual accent colors one by one. This is a big step for me, as I generally feel that the model starts to come to life at this point. This is also an important moment for me when I consider any changes to the pattern I’ve established with my test model.

In this case, I’ve decided to rethink the color of the wings. At first, I toyed with the idea of making them red, but flinched because I though it might be tremendous overkill. Instead, I went with stone color I’ve worked with on the Terminators. Hopefully, this will help each the two squads visually reference the other, etc. For now, it’s basic shades without any real highlights, but I’m hoping to sneak another hour or so in before Friday…

We will see.

Hobby: .5 (am) and 1.0 (pm) hours
Blog: .5 hours

Nearly six hours. That’s not too bad for only three days, and at this point it seems I’ll go well beyond my estimated 10 hours/week. I should mention, however, that the two days of the week in which I have the most free-time (Sunday and Tuesday) have come and gone so the numbers may be a bit weighted. Still, I'm hoping for a decent Friday evening (as I've mentioned before... Friday doesn't mean what it used to).