Friday, May 14, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: The Calm Before the Storm.

Actually, the calm before the storm has been anything but. This week has been entirely consumed with preparatory work for a number of rather big things on the horizon. Big. And that's not just senseless hyperbole. In particular, the Arrugginiti are finally going to get a proper bash at Dark Templar’s Blood Angels 5th Company (and they're not alone it seems). Moreover, you, the gentle reader, will be able to follow along with the brutal, desperate struggle as it unfolds. Yep. You read that correctly.

How can that happen? you ask.
There’s an Ocean between the two armies, you say.

Stay tuned. Dark Templar and I have some really interesting ideas in the works.

With battle on the horizon, it’s been all work, work, work, to bring the Arrugginiti muster up to scratch. There are still several units that I'd like to solidify before I feel that they are properly tabletop ready and, as I expected, this transatlantic rivalry has been just the thing to keep me motivated. For that reason, this week is as much a WIP as it is a proper Hailed vs. Hated post.

First up, I wanted to show a few pics of the verdigris Terminator in a more finished (about 90% anyway) state. As mentioned previously, I’ve never used this metallic trick on such an expansive area on a single model before and, all in all, I’m reasonably pleased with the outcome.

Having said that, I’m not yet sure about the base on this guy, primarily because the colors are entirely too similar from top to bottom. While I’d like to keep the bases unified in this army if possible, I’d initially conceived of this green as an accent color for CSM that are almost entirely rusted through in a rich orange… not greenish verdigris (see: collaborative posts). As such, I’ve got some rethinking to do with the bases not just for this guy, but the entire squad lest they green-out completely.

To that end, I’ve been considering re-basing the Terminator squad on these bases...

And mimicking the effect of the bases pictured below to help introduce another element into the mix and to keep the focus of the models properly where it belongs... which is to say, on the models.

Other than that, I’ve been working feverishly on this test model for a squad of seven Raptors that have clearly been messing about with the sacred Chalice that the Arrugginiti so deviously purloined from the Blood Angels, and with some shocking results.

And there’s even more to come as the Arrugginiti scramble their resources on the eve of battle.

See you next week when the action begins in earnest.


Dverning said...

Mmm... I really like the use of Sanguinary Guard as Raptors. I have a couple squads of the metal guys, but that pic makes me want to go buy some BA and play around with them just for the fun of it.

Big Jim said...

Brilliant use of the Sang Guard! The test model is looking pretty Ace so far too.

I cannot wait to see more of them and the verdigris terminators!


Rabidchild said...

I love the verdigris terminator so far. I can see what you mean about the base and I think some additional color would help. The resin bases would look very nice, or a simple addition of some rocks to the base would work as well.

Interestingly for me, all my Night Lords terminators have the (mk5) helmet you used on your first terminator. It works nicely. Also, I am in the process of picking up some of the Sanguinary Guard jump packs to use on my Raptors, minus the angel wings. It's nice to get a preview of my own projects when I read your blog so keep up the good work! :)

Warhammer39999 said...

I think the green metallics show potential, and though he's far from a poorly painted model, you've certainly done better. If the spikes atop his trophy racks are any indication of the worn metal effects to come, I think you should definitely stick to it. As for his colors, you're right in that he's very similar from head to toe. Even the red accents on the model seem to be balanced all of the way down his backside, so they don't "pop" to me.

One thing I do like about him is that head. I've never seen anyone use it on a terminator, and it just screams fat bald guy, and makes me think of Nurgle immediately before the paint job.

Out of curiousity, about how many hours per week to you put into this hobby? You're always turning out high-quality stuff... If I was to try to put out this volume of models/posts, it would take me upwards of 20 hours per week, easily.

Brian said...

Thanks fellas.

@ Dverning. Ref Pitmann has a squad of the old metal ones, and I like the way they look; however, he's had a hell of a time keeping them upright on the table. Do you have any tips, as I might include a second squad at some point? The Sanguinary Guard fits nicely with the theme I've developed for the Arrugginiti, and it allows me to play around with some really cool models to boot. It's a win-win, really.

@ Big Jim. Thanks. The Raptors have taken priority for reasons that will become clearer soon, but I hope to have both squads "finished" within a two week window at the most. Let's hope life cooperates with that plan.

@ Rabidchild. hahaha. I'm happy to help, and I'm looking forward to seeing those Night Lords -very, very cool.

@ WH39.9K. Thanks for the observations. I think part of the problem is that this guy doesn't quite stick to my own philosophy about colors, etc. He's an experiment, for sure, and really the product of my desire to get the "step by step" together in a timely manner. Also, I was getting a little tired of all that rust, and I suspect many readers were as well.

On your advice, I'm definitely going to rethink the base. I'm not sure what I can do about the whole model though... hmmm. Food for thought.

Thank you for your compliment, by the way. With regard to your question, it fluctuates from week to week, but I'd guess that I average about 10 hours/week. I usually manage about an hour each weekday and then a bit more on the weekends (although I'll be doing well to find a minute this weekend).

Because I rely heavily on washes, and because the rust is really designed to have a pretty haphazard look to it, the paint goes on quite quickly once I'd properly got the hang of it. I should also mention that I type really quickly as well. I mean really quickly.

Cheers. And thanks again.

Dverning said...

Do you have any tips, as I might include a second squad at some point?
Yeah, but it will cost you a nickel.


Remove their slotta tab and mount them on a non-slotta base with a nickel glued to the bottom. That alone does quite a bit for keeping the guys balanced.

If you want to get really creative, cut off the "flames" decoration and pin the foot into a lead weight. Then build up decoration around it with Green Stuff.

Alternatively, you can just glue a quarter to the bottom, but that doesn't look as spiffy.

Last, do what you can to rebalance the model so that it does't lean quite so much. Hrm. Maybe I should do up a post with some pics of mine. Cheers!

Grizzled Gamer said...

Vassal. I would recommend trying to use vassal. It will allow you to play the game and keep track of all the movements and such.

Also, I really like the idea of the Sang Guard as your Raptors...excellent Idea.

Big Jim said...

For my metal Raptors, I mounted them slotta-base and all to the top of a 1 1/8 inch steel washer; it has solved 90% of the falling over issues.


Brian said...

Put simply, this is why I love the blogging community. Brilliant stuff. Thanks for the tips, gentlemen.

Joe Gekko said...

I'm nuts about the look of these tarnished terminators, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how they fit into the Arrugginiti narrative that you are developing.

Keep up the good work. Seeing stuff like this keeps me painting.

HOTpanda said...

I trying to aim for a burnt armour look to my CSM army and may end up implementing some of your techniques into their paint scheme. I am absolutely envious of Hailed vs Hatred. Cannot wait to see how you guys pull off a game.

Brian said...

@ Joe. I feel like I should be thanking you for the inspiration. It was, after all, your question about the verdigris that got me thinking seriously about trying these terminators.

@ Panda. Cheers. I'm looking forward to seeing the burnt armor. Sounds brilliant.