Friday, May 7, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: The Sin of Alacrity (and Banner Completed)

The conflict is spreading like contagion itself. The entire subsector has now exploded with minor confrontations and limited skirmishes. The Arruggginiti have continued their entirely uncharacteristic and, at times, seemingly random strikes against the Blood Angels 5th Company, but the toll remains insubstantial on both sides.

The Administratum has just released these photos from a very brief and limited encounter on the Sin of Alacrity, in which the Fateful squad ran directly into the path of patrolling Terminators (now standard operating procedure on Blood Angels vessels traveling in the sector). The Alacrity was dispatched only last week, and supposedly in secret, to the Mentieth sector with strongly encrypted orders to investigate a collection of unrelated reports concerning another relic of unstated import. The urgency of the orders suggests significant value.

As mentioned, the encounter was brief and inconclusive, with the Arrugginiti fleeing back into the warp soon after resistance stiffened. But surely this is a sign of things to come. If the Arrugginiti are invested in this endeavor, then violence and mayhem will certainly follow closely. Moreover, this seems to confirm the reliquary rumors…

Or is this simply another vile trap? Will the Arrugginiti be lying in wait; have they come to investigate the same rumors in the horrific hope that they can beat the 5th company to the mysterious relic? Or perhaps this is a bold turn of the tables for the Blood Angels. Have they, themselves, planted these rumors in order to draw out the Arrugginiti at last into open, decisive confrontation?

We will soon find out.

After the Hailed vs. Hated post from last Friday, I received a very strong (and very kind) series of suggestions in the comments box: Magilla Gurilla suggested a “Nurgle inspired banner,” and Dverning shaped that thought a bit by invoking, instead, a “loyalist inspired banner that’s starting to be warped” -something that would really “tweak the loyalists.” Rabidchild added that the banner could be “clean and bright” for contrast, and/or a “corpse shroud […that has a] creepy Nurgle feel.” HotPanda contributed some more specifics by suggesting the banner include a “rotting set of Blood Angels wings.”

Here’s what I came up with (click on the images for a closer look).

I didn’t quite manage clean and bright but opted for cleaner and brighter with the muted red backing and off-white frontage. The image is an attempt to freehand a reflection/corruption of the BA banner from the Sanguinary Guard –excepting that one half of the image appears skeletal and corrupted; notably, this is the half holding… the chalice. The plot thickens and the contagion grows literally from the bottom of the banner upward...

Thanks to Magilla Gurrilla, Dverning, Rabidchild, and HotPanda for all of your support in this crazy blogging business. I greatly appreciate your input and kindness.

See you Sunday for another WIP: step by step (... looking at you, Joe).
p.s. Sin of Alacrity compliments of the now seemingly defunct Parasitic Studios.


Dverning said...

Oh, EXCELLENT work on that banner. Nice, clean shapes and a great image. I love the moldy look of the green on the bottom too. Just all around a top notch piece that really stands out. I'm glad I could help with the inspiration process...

Unknown said...

How did you get such amazing _scenery?_ I know that you're using knitting grids for the grating on the floor, but I could never get the stuff to stay glued down to the particleboard that I was using.

Also, where did you get the image for the video screen in the background? Damned good looking...

Brian said...

@ Dverning. Thank you, and thanks for the help.

@ Darren. I wish that I could take credit for this scenery. It's going to be the subject of a future post, but I traded/commissioned it about five or six years ago from a guy in Georgia who calls himself Vomitomaton. His site has been cold for years now, and he never returned my last set of emails. (his last post from 2007 mentions a surgery, which seems horribly ominous).

Anyway, here's the site:
quite a few of the models on his site were painted years and years ago by yours truly.

Rabidchild said...

Oh very nice indeed. The black lining in your free hand work gives it excellent contrast even viewing the small pictures. I particularly like how the green stippling on both sides brings the red and tan together. Excellent technique on an interesting sculpt.

You black lining also gives the banner an antique stained glass feel. I can just see the uncorrupted banner flying in a place of honor in a pristine blood angels chapel complete with ancient stained glass windows depicting their primarch.

Joe Gekko said...

The mold really makes it work, in my opinion. Great idea.

HOTpanda said...

I am going to chime in and back up everyone else with the comments on the mold. Your free hand is unreal as it is so crisp and clean.

As for the Arruggginiti it seems as they are trying to draw out someone or something specifically within the Blood Angels 5th company...

Grizzled Gamer said...

I mean it. This banner is a perfect banner for your CSM. It really gives you the feel of corruption and pollution taking effect on the banner itself. This is excellent work.

I really like the fact that not only have they corrupted the blood angels chalice, but now they are bragging about it.

Keep it up.

Brian said...

@ Rabidchild. Thanks. The black lining was born of necessity because I've never had any luck just sitting down and painting a banner. I tried to sketch the banner before moving forward -first with pencil, then with thin black paint. The lines are the remnants of that effort that I then basically "colored in" like a cartoon cell.

@ Joe. Cheers mate.

@ Panda... hmmm you may be on to something.

@ Mags. Cheers, my good man. Thanks for helping with the inspiration.

Indeed, thanks to all of you that helped with the inspiration.