Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WIP Week: On the Clock, day 2

Yesterday was busy enough, and I didn’t manage to scurry upstairs to my Nerd Kingdom until reasonably late in the evening. As such, my window was really quite short for hobby activities. Alas.

Thankfully, I find having quite a lot on the table at one time the ideal situation when time is limited. Indeed, it’s quite nice to have a pick of projects that I can dip into depending entirely on the amount of time available. I like to find natural stopping points before I put my brush down for the evening –I don’t know why, but it bothers me to walk away abruptly.

Anyway, my Raptors are my most pressing priority, so they were bound to get the most attention if possible. Last night then, I was able to put down a rough basecoat of Tin Bitz on the Raptors. This was a heavily thinned layer, and I needed some time for it to dry before I’d be able to touch the Raptors again.

While that dried, I revisited the verdigris Terminators (I’m rapidly approaching the moment when I need a name for these guys). I blocked in most of the colors that aren’t verdigris, focusing on black, red, and tan for skulls and the like. The black is the most particular and engaging step as edging the armor plating can be quite careful work.

Once that was sorted, I returned to the Raptors (who had dried completely), slapped on a quick highlight of Brazen Brass, then Brazen Brass with a very small bit of Chainmail mixed in. Finally, I mashed up my verdigris wash and smeared it all over the Raptors. So far, everything on this squad has been very, very quick work indeed, but time-consuming nonetheless because these first two steps require a pause for the paint/wash to dry. Once again, I’d found myself at a moment of pause when the Raptors needed a moment to dry before any further work could be done.

And so I stopped for the evening. It’d been a long enough day and I had some reading yet to do before it was all said and done… a perfect moment to set the brushes aside until my next opportunity.

Hopefully tonight. If so, you can expect a quick (unscheduled) post on Wednesday to document any/all of the progress.


Hobby: .75 hours
Blog: .75 hours



Da Masta Cheef said...

'Nerd Kingdom', lol. Funny how we name our personal gaming areas. With my disorganized 'stuff everywhere' way of life, and gaming stuff in my living room, both bedrooms & the dining room (which also doubles as the game room when my game table is set up), I just tell people that my little house is a 'bitz box'.

Brian said...

HA. Brilliant.

I think my wife would push me off the roof if I tried something like that. My hobby space is a mess, granted, but it is at least contained to one room.

HOTpanda said...

My hobby space is located in my MAN ROOM other wise know as the spare bedroom. Right now it is a mess of 40k bitz and paint much like your Nerd Kingdom.

Grizzled Gamer said...

It is interesting to see how much time we are able to spend on our hobby and what we accomplish with that time.

I know right now, I have very little time as I have 3 children in school and with the end of the year, I am going to field trips and such.

Even on a good week, my hobby activities are pretty much relegated to Wednesday thru Friday for about 1 hour a day.