Friday, July 16, 2010

Arrugginiti: ok. ok. Raptors really finished this time

Yesterday, I finished my discussion of the Raptors by lamenting that I haven’t really created the unit with an Aspiring Champion in mind. Certainly, there are a couple individual figures that have been modeled with an unannounced power weapon (who could easily serve with a bit of paint), but I haven’t to date devoted the kind of precise and particular attention that would normally befit the “talent” of any given squad.

Thankfully, the Arrugginiti find themselves a bit top-heavy at the moment, with a veritable glut of HQ choices: a sorcerer, a converted Typhus, two Daemon Princes with a third, fourth, and possibly fifth on the horizon (long story).

And then there’s this guy.

It may seem a demotion for him, but I expect to run the Raptors with my Winged Aspirant conversion acting as the real brain/brawn of the unit. He fits quite nicely for some obvious reasons: the wings for starters. With "real" mutated wings, he is something like the idol of the unit, the one that the others (with their tawdry BA knockoffs) would both admire and emulate. The Aspirant clearly has evolved past the humble progress of his peers -a few extra gulps from that stolen chalice, I suppose. Moreover, he is carrying a power weapon (with appropriately painted lightning effect) and a converted combi-melta, which are both ideal choices for how I'd like to run this unit.

Naturally, however, this creates another “problem” of sorts, as the unit now numbers eight… ahem.

Nurgle is not amused.

Somebody will likely have to take a knee come any given deployment. Currently, I’m thinking it’ll be the fellow on the far left side of this photo as he has a terrible tendency to tumble over anyway (note to those thinking about these conversions: test their balance or weight the bases). At the end of the day, the poor sod has no one but himself to blame, really.

So all’s well that ends well. The Raptors have their champion, and the misbegotten HQ choice has found a happy home. I’d like to be able to crack the smuggest of smiles, take a gummy chomp on my cigar, and mutter, “I love it when a plan comes together.” …excepting that I hadn’t ever really planned any of this. It just happened to work out. and I loathe cigars.

See you Sunday for some much-needed WIP.


Grizzled Gamer said...

Yes, Nurgle is not pleased. LOL

This model is an excellent choice to be the "boss" of this unit. Plus, he is an excellent conversion. Plus, the combi-melta will give the squad that extra bite.

Papa JJ said...

Great choice for the squad's leader and those wings look absolutely stunning. Something about this group of Raptors makes them feel especially creepy... very well done!

sonsoftaurus said...

If you're using the CSM codex straight, unfortunately raptor champions don't have the option for combi-weapons. I don't think it would be a big problem in play; regular opponents probably wouldn't have a problem with it, or you could just explain "this is functionally a bolt pistol".

As for Nurgle not being pleased, don't think of it as an 8-man squad. It's really 7+1, as the Aspirant is marked well beyond the rest of the squad, similar to a GUO with seven plaguebearer attendants or a Lord with seven terminators backing him up.

RPiazza said...
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RPiazza said...

They have a nice rustic look. the wings in the champion give me this angels and demons feel which works really well with the rustic Gothic feel. Good job. These guys are ready to spread the plague.

Big Jim said...

Good choice of model for the Champion! Unless you are going to a tourney I wouldn't worry about the combi-weapon issue that Sons pointed out.


Brian said...

@ Mags. Cheers. Shame about that combi weapon.

@ JJ. Thanks again.

@ Sons of Taurus... ahhhhhhhhh!!!! No combi weapons? ah well. It looks like that combi weapon conversion will be a "counts as" bolt pistol, as per your suggestion. Damnation.

@ RP. Thank you.

@ Big Jim. Alas. I'm going to bin the combi. And it all seemed to be going so well.

jabberjabber said...

These guys are all kinds of awesome! I don't think I can add much to what has already been said, but I do really like the aspiring champion and the cohesive paint scheme they've got. Inspiring!