Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Arrugginiti: Raptors finished

Finally, the Raptors are finished. You would be forgiven for thinking that they were already finished and that this is, in fact, old news -particularly as we’ve not heard much from these Raptors for a while now. The simple crux of the matter is that I returned from my holidays with three units in various states of “near completion”: the Raptors, the Terminators, and the Chaos Biker Cavalry. I really hate to find myself in this situation, and the Raptors are a fine example of why.

As mentioned, I’ve returned to the states, my noodle teeming with viable new ideas and compelling new directions. Perhaps you’d noticed. And here sit the Raptors, 75% finished. Next to another unit, 80% finished. Next to another unit, 50% finished. While my head is desperate to leap into the exciting new waters of WHFB, and commissions, and Traitor Guard, and Kill Team, and Mini-Campaigns, etc., this final last 25% seems pure agony.

Well. These guys are finished at least. It’s a good test of discipline, I suppose. I’m told this builds character…

You might also be scratching you head a bit, particularly because I made a rare exception and allowed these fellows time on the tabletop before they were entirely finished (to be candid, they’re still not completed exactly –a touchup here or there seems both necessary and inevitable. But they are utterly finished for the foreseeable future). Indeed. This is rare. But as I mentioned, time was a bit precious last month and needs must. No real worries, as the five Raptors that partook in the Hailed vs. Hated Skirmish were absolutely stuffed and fled the scene by turn three anyway. It was an inglorious and inauspicious beginning to their career.

Because Nurgle demands it, there are seven Raptors in this squad, with two Meltas in order to keep the enemy honest. No real surprises there, I suppose.

I’ve imagined that these brooding, arrogant reprobates were noteworthy warriors from a particularly insular cult tucked within the Arrugginiti ranks. As such, they were summoned to and greedily partook in one or more of the desperate, unholy rituals that the Arrugginiti Daemon Prince has been performing with the stolen Chalice (for some background on this saga, please see Hailed vs. Hated). Afterward, they were kitted with new wargear, armor and packs that perversely echo those worn by their enemy. Certainly, the ritual has brought them closer to the Blood Angels in appearance (which explains the conversion), but also marks them as distinctly “blessed” among their peers. The blessing, in turn, explains how their initial cultish insularity became their generally contemptuous and aloof disposition. They are, after all, Raptors… but they have also seen more than they would otherwise have cared to, and the hangover has left them unexpectedly dour. Nurgle is a fickle idol.

As mentioned, they are BA conversions painted in my standard Verdigris with the Arrugginiti highlight of BA red. Although a few models are carrying power weapons from the conversions, we’ll just ignore that for practical purposes. To suggest that this should be so, and to help dampen potential confusion, I’ve not painted the usual lightning patterns across the weapons as with other instances in the army, leaving them an ominous black instead. Funnily enough, this has created something of a problem, as there is no real or discernable Champion in the unit. Perhaps each is arrogant enough to believe that he should be in charge. They certainly appear to feel so.

More on that Friday.


Rushputin said...

Unsurprisingly, I think the Sanguinary wings worked out really well.

sonsoftaurus said...

Great as always.

As for who's in charge, my money's on one of the guys with a meltagun.

Grizzled Gamer said...

Fantastic looking.
If I ever get out from this amazingly large pile of unpainted miniatures, I have though of adding a squad of Raptors with those wings.

It is exciting to see that they turned out so well.

Grizzled Gamer said...

Forgot to add that I am officially stealing this idea: I just ordered the wings for my work-in-progress raptors.

Brian said...

Thanks Rush. I'm pleased you like them.

Sons of T. I've been thinking it through and will answer the riddle on Friday. hmmm.

Mags. Nice one! I'm pleased that you'll be giving it a bash. Looking forward to seeing how it works out for you.

Cheers one and all.

Big Jim said...

They turned out great! I think I may use the jump pack part of the Sang guard with the wings from Nid gargoyles, when I do my next batch of raptors.